Bravos falls to América and remains on the tightrope to pay a fine

At the mercy of what Tijuana and Mazatlán do to find out if there will be a fine payment was how the FC Juárez Braves ended this Friday night when they lost their duel with the Águilas del América, with a score of 1-0, in a match for the Closing date 17 2023.

The Braves jumped to Olímpico Benito Juárez with the obligation to add at least one point to forget about paying fines and at the start of the game the intention of the Juárez team to open the scoring with intensity and a couple of dangerous plays in the game was noted. rival area.

But the visit quickly gave a first warning of its offensive potential, at minute 11 Henry Martín pushed the ball into the net, but his score was ruled out for offside, after a pass from Alvaro Fidalgo inside the area.

From that moment on, the Eagles began to dominate the game and the game moved towards the field where the local team defends.

The insistence of the Azulcremas was so great that at 36 the Braves did not resist and America’s score fell on a rebound that was left at the mercy of Richard Sánchez inside the area and with a right hand he sent the ball away, leaving Alfredo Talavera without a chance. who only observed how the ball entered his goal.

Alejandro Zendejas from Juárez was injured shortly before the end of the first half, at minute 41, after a collision with a Bravos player.

In the second half, Bravos gave signs of life and went in search of the ‘salvation’ tie and at minute 55, had a dangerous play on the right wing, Gabriel Fernández finished off with a header inside the six-yard box, but an American defender He managed to deflect the shot and the ball went to the corner kick, that’s where the danger ended.

The Braves insisted again at minute 70,

but two good interventions by goalkeeper Luis Ángel Malagón prevented the equalizer for the border team.

Bravos tried but was not enough against a Malagón who was extraordinary in the goal and now they will have to wait for other results to find out if they will have to pay a fine.

What does Bravos need to avoid paying a fine?

In order for FC Juárez to avoid paying a fine, it needs that Xolos de Tijuana not win on their visit to Puebla, that is, that they lose or draw; after Mazatlán loses against Guadalajara. If Xolos wins or Mazatlán draws or wins, Bravos will pay a fine, so you need to combine the two results.

The worst scenario for Bravos is to finish in the 17th position of the quotient, this would happen if Xolos wins and if Mazatlán draws or wins against Chivas.

Puebla and Tijuana will play this Saturday at 5:00 pm at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium, while Mazatlán visits Chivas at the Akron Stadium at 7:05 pm this Saturday.

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