Brazil could veto Huawei to make the 5G network

An important member of the Cabinet of Jair Bolsonaro confirmed that the Brazilian president is seriously considering the possibility of banning Huawei enters your country with the supply of components to build the 5G network in Brazil. With this stance, the Bolsonaro government aligns itself with that of Donald Trump, regarding China as a global threat to privacy and data sovereignty.

In any case, at the moment Brazil did not make a final decision in this regard but clearly played a very concrete card in the context of the political dispute that the United States and Chinese governments have maintained since practically all of Trump’s administration.

If it is taken, it will be a very heavy decision at the international level, and that could generate strong anger from Xi Jinping, although, according to the same source close to Bolsonaro, there will be no retaliation because “China depends on Brazilian agricultural imports.” And it relies on the fact that other countries that banned Huawei’s operations, so far have not suffered major consequences from the Xi Jinping regime.

By the way, the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Yang Wanming, said that the decision on Huawei’s operations will help define the relationship between the two countries. “What is at stake is whether a country can establish market rules based on openness, impartiality and non-discrimination for all companies,” he said. And, for its part, the Brazilian Ministry of Communication indicated in a brief statement that Huawei’s definition of 5G represents a national security problem and that it involves many stakeholders, including the ministries of economy and foreign affairs.

The decision of the government of Jair Bolsonaro is not at all simple: China was the destination of 40% of Brazilian exports in the first half. Soybean sales, in particular, generated more revenue than the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East combined.

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