World Brazil recorded a daily record of coronavirus infections: almost...

Brazil recorded a daily record of coronavirus infections: almost 20,000 cases

Bolsonaro sympathizers without masks demonstrate in Brasilia Source: AFP

RÍO DE JANEIRO.- The figures of the






 they are increasingly alarming.

In the last 24 hours, a daily record of 19,951 infections was recorded.

And while the world scientific community is still discussing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine by order of the president.

Jair Bolsonaro

Today, the use of this experimental medication was expanded, not only for serious but also mild patients.

In this country of 210 million inhabitants, the pandemic already left 18,859 dead and 291,579 infected, according to official figures.

Brazil is

the most affected country in the region and the third most punished in the world in number of infections after the United States and Russia

. However, the reality could be much worse since the official figures are questioned by experts, who point out that

the actual numbers could be up to 15 times higher due to the paucity of diagnostic tests.

The peak of the pandemic is planned

for the beginning of June

in the country, which already registers more than half of the more than 30,000 deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean.

San Pablo, the richest and most populous state in Brazil, is the epicenter of the disease, with 69,859 cases and 5,363 deaths. It is followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 3,237 deaths and 30,372 infections.

In northern and northeastern states, such as Ceará, Amazonas, and Pernambuco, the spread of the disease causes dramatic situations and overwhelms health systems.

Despite this situation,

President Bolsonaro continues to oppose quarantine and social isolation measures

implemented in various states and cities of the country.

In a few weeks,

two ministers of health left office due to differences with the president on the management of the pandemic

. At this time, the Ministry of Health is directed by General Eduardo Pazuello.

Bolsonaro considers that

a paralysis of the Brazilian economy could cause greater damage than the epidemic itself

and that an even greater number of Brazilians would die or suffer its consequences as a result. “The remedy would be worse than the disease,” says the Brazilian president.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health today expanded its recommendation to use chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, which could already be prescribed in severe cases, in patients with mild symptoms of the new coronavirus, combined with the antibiotic azithromycin, responding to a request from Bolsonaro despite its efficacy it divides the world scientific community.

The prescription of the drug -used to treat other diseases such as malaria and which was recommended until now only in severe cases of Covid-19 due to lack of studies on its efficacy-,

will be “at the discretion of the doctor” and also requires “the declared will of the patient”,

according to a document released by the Ministry of Health.

Like Bolsonaro, the American President

Donald trump


 He was open to the use of the drug and revealed that he takes a hydroxychloroquine tablet as a preventive every day.




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