Brazil, school shooting: 10 dead, including the two students who opened fire


RIO DE JANEIRO – Two hooded boys break into a school on the outskirts of São Paulo and start shooting. One, two, then eight people fall. They remain cold on the ground. In all, the dead will be ten in the end: two teachers, six students and even the two killers – aged 15 and 17 – who committed suicide. But there are also 15 wounded. They run away as they can. They escape the rain of bullets that hit windows, they break walls, cabinets, doors, benches. The police found a .38 caliber pistol, a bow with arrows, explosives and Molotov cocktails. The new Brazilian Columbine takes place just after 7 am today in Suzano, a city of three hundred thousand inhabitants in the metropolitan area of ​​the financial capital of the country. Juliano Simões de Santana lives near the Raul Brasil, a primary and secondary school with language classes: "I live in a house next door. I heard gunshots, then cries followed by a strong commotion," recalls the man, "I am ran into the school and saw all those bodies of children poured out, blood on the floor and on the walls, officials and professors who ran away screaming ".

The police and special departments flocked within half an hour. They turned away the people who had rushed to the school. Above all, panicked mothers and fathers who asked for information and wanted to enter. The siege lasted very little. There was not even time for negotiations. Because there was nothing to negotiate. The two killers had carried out their massacre and then they sacrificed themselves by shooting themselves in the head. An absurd sucid mission. No motivation but the one that will be discovered in a few hours after investigating the authors and the eventual message of madness that they will have left.

It is not the first massacre that occurs in schools in Brazil. Apart from the constant shootings between cartels and gangs that forced schools to close for six months last year, there were at least seven other Columbines in the country. In 2002, a 17-year-old youth killed two colleagues in a classroom at the Sigma private school in Salvador de Bahia. In January 2003 in Taiúva, 400 kilometers from São Paulo, a former student injured 38 comrades, including a teacher. A paraplegic boy dies from his wounds.
In April 2011 in Realengo, west of Rio, twelve boys, ten females and two males, die in the Tasso da Silveira municipal school. The killer was a woman, 23 years old. It was called Wellington Menezes de Oliveira. He asked to collect a certificate, proposed a conference with the students and then fired before committing suicide. In April 2011, a boy, bullied, stabs a companion in Piauí to death. In September of the same year a 10-year-old boy shoots at his teacher and commits suicide. So in April 2016, in the State of Paraíba, a 16-year-old boy exploded seven shots against three students. Two years later, on the outskirts of João Pessoa, a teenager shoots three companions who are injured and kills his ex-girlfriend. Finally in Goiânia, October 2017, a 14-year-old boy breaks into school, kills two students with his father's 38 and wounds four others. He considered himself a victim of bullying.

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