Brazil's ex-president released from custody | TIME ONLINE


The Brazilian ex-president convicted and arrested for corruption Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been released from prison. The 74-year-old left on Friday the police headquarters of Curitiba, where he had served since April 2018 a prison sentence for corruption. The Brazilian judiciary had ordered the release. There was “no basis whatsoever for the execution of the sentence,” the responsible judge justified the order.

This was preceded by a Supreme Court decision to allow first and second convicted criminals to remain free until all possible legal remedies have been exhausted. In addition to Lula could be released by the sentence and thousands more prisoners.

Lula had been found guilty of obtaining lucrative contracts for the government in return for pledging a beach apartment. In the meantime, his prison sentence has already been shortened to more than eight years. The ex-president and his left-wing labor party assert his innocence.

The corruption allegations described Lula as an attempt to hold him from his renewed candidacy in the election last year, which ultimately won the ultra-right Jair Bolsonaro. Critics argue that a corrupt politician has been called to account with Lula. At the top of the state was the extremely popular Lula from 2003 to early 2011.



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