BREAKING NEWS, Acting Mayor of Medan Akhyar Nasution Officially Becomes a Democratic Party Cadre

TRIBUN MEDAN.COM, MEDAN – Acting Mayor of Medan, Akhyar Nasution carrying out quite surprising political maneuvers.

Ahead Medan Regional Election 2020, Akhyar, who was known as a PDI-P cadre, turned out to be a political party.

Ahyar Nasution officially joined Democratic party.

Chairman of the DPC Democratic party Medan City, Burhanuddin Sitepu confirmed Akhyar Nasution has officially become a cadre Democratic party.

Akhyar will be carried by the party with the symbol of Mercy, to advance on Medan Regional Election Next December.

This matter was conveyed by Burhanuddin, after a meeting between Akhyar Nasution with the Central Leadership Council (DPP) Democratic party, in Jakarta, July 14, 2020, then.

“On July 14 yesterday I accompanied Akhyar to Jakarta to meet with the Democratic Party DPP,” he said, via telephone, Friday night (7/20/2020).

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Burhanuddin said, Akhyar Nasution officially became a Democratic cadre after he wore a jacket complete with the party’s name and logo in Jakarta.

He said that Akhyar sincerely joined the Democrats to advance in the elections.

“With this, Akhyar is legally a cadre from the Democrats. He has also conveyed his heart. Symbolically I put the Democrat jacket on him and planned from Medan,” he said.

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