News Breaking news: Minister Soylu: We even follow the breath...

Breaking news: Minister Soylu: We even follow the breath they take

Carried out in front of Ankara Police Headquarters “July 15 Memorial to the Martyrs, Democracy and National Unity Day ceremony, Minister of Interior Soylu, TEM Department Head Turgut Aslan, who was a veteran with martyrs’ families and veterans on July 15, Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, Chief of Police Mehmet Aktaş, Ankara Police Chief Servet Yılmaz, Gendarmerie General Commander Gen. Arif Çetin, Coast Guard Commander Tuğamiral Ahmet Kendir, Heads of Departments of the General Directorate of Security, Ankara Security Branch Managers, military men, political party representatives and police officers attended. Minister Soylu left cloves on the platform specially prepared for martyrs. A video clip prepared specially for July 15 was watched. After the National Anthem that was read, Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque Imam Quran recited Kerim. The mother of police officer Hüseyin Kalkan, who was photographed on the night of July 15, was photographed on the platform prepared for the martyrs.



Before the speech, Minister Soylu made a probe by reading the names of those who died in Ankara Police Department. Soylu said, “We are here with our precious martyrs families who smelled with their scents, our veterans who reveal their lives for our flag for our honor and our great nation. No one here wants to make us kneel 4 years ago. Our heroes have just been polled a while. Neither today nor tomorrow will the names of those trying to kneel this country be read here. Everyone should know that in 5 years, 15 years and 105 years, we or our children will come after us.


Turkey in the past years, indicating that impoverishes noble impulse, “For years, they hit our civilization and future of those who blow, but they did not ask accounts to no one. They did not ask for account as if Matah was a business, they both handed the trust of the nation and continued their comfortable lives. They brought the old blows to the bits, saying that there was no bloodshed. Today, we see that there is a guardianship mentality that is disturbed by the July 15 commemoration, that is disturbed by this nation’s vigilance, and tries to throw flares at the next coup plotters. On the evening of July 15, this nation did not only stand against the coup plotters but also against this tutelage mentality. ”

We even follow the breath they take.



Underlining that the nation is walking forward on the night of July 15, who is persistent to take the country back a thousand years, Minister Soylu said, “While we are fighting against terrorist organizations such as FETÖ, PKK, DEAŞ, we also fight against migration and drugs. Turkey makes in Afrin both in Azez Gauge both Kato and security today. Today, a gray list terrorist has been neutralized, the figure has dropped to 406. We know this and every step we take is looking for the right of the families of the martyrs who live there. The PKK terrorist organization is so exhausted that the number of people who participated in the organization this year is 22, and the number of those who have been removed from the mountain by persuasion is 107. At the heart of the Judi mountain, our children are fighting the Lightning Operation in such a way that they cannot enter the city again. ”


TEM Department Head Gazi Turgut Aslan, in his speech, said, “We will continue to work with our strength to support the police force. Our children, like you, will never end on the homeland. I wish you successful and healthy tasks. Here are 15 key things not to forget July 15. Today, FETO will be another organization tomorrow, we must never allow this. The Republic of Turkey has to be strong, “he said.



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