News Breaking news: New coronavirus measure in Kastamonu! Smoking...

Breaking news: New coronavirus measure in Kastamonu! Smoking is prohibited in the squares and parks …

Kastamonu In a written statement made by the Governorship, the Provincial Hygiene Board chaired by Governor Avni Çakır coronavirus It was reported that it was gathered to discuss the measures to be taken regarding the outbreak. It was noted that insufficient compliance with the measures taken, especially the physical distance rule, increased the rate of spread of the disease and some decisions were taken because the public health was put at risk. Accordingly, at the entrance to all public institutions and organizations, the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) codes of the citizens will be questioned and the persons approved by the application will be allowed. As a result of the interrogation, those who are understood to be under quarantine or isolation will be kept under isolation in the previously determined dormitories.

Smoking Ban

The statement also stated that smoking is prohibited in places where the public is concentrated, “There are squares, parks, places that need to be queued (bank, PTT, notary, city public transport stops, ATMs, bill payment places, etc.). it has been decided to ban smoking in the neighborhood markets, except for marketers and villagers who sell products, “he said.



In the past days, smoking was prohibited on the streets with the highest pedestrian density and the coastline in Fatsa district of Ordu.

In the written statement made by the Fatsa District Governorship, “Sahil Street where our citizens are concentrated in Fatsa (Atatürk Park, Between Fatsa Pier and Çekek Place including Atatürk Park), Plevne Street, Reşadiye Street (Between Fatsa Military Office and New Kumru Avenue) , Pazar Caddesi (Closed Area), Eski Hal Street (Closed Area), Meydan Street (Between Cumhuriyet Square and Kavlan Tree), Ahmet Cevat Güvenkaya Street (Dereüstü Street), Hacı Hulusi Baba Street, Yeni Kumru Street (with Cumhuriyet Square Between Beyaz Fırın), İnönü Avenue (Closed to Traffic), Cumhuriyet Square, 15 July Democracy Square, ATM fronts, Bolaman District, Yalıköy District and the market places established in our district center to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak, reduce contamination, ensure that the masks used are properly used. In order to prevent smoking in open areas during the pandemic period ”.



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