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’19 Pioneers Draft-Unexpected “small” gains


Nassir Little’s entry into the pioneers is unexpected: he was evaluated by many websites before the draft and he would be selected near the lottery area, and the lowest drop did not exceed the 20th overall pick. He also received it. The official “Green Room” invitation of the league-represents that he is the high-profile candidate for this session. Unexpectedly,That day, Little’s pick went all the way down, until the 25th pick, a position that was never expected, Little was selected by the pioneers.The follow-up Little’s performance in the summer league explains why this is the case: in the summer league that year, he only scored 13 pts, 13 reb, 2 ast, 33.3 FG%, 14.3 3P%, which was quite tragic.

’19 Pioneers Summer-Summer League Junior Review

But Little has always had a very strong fighting spirit, He wanted to prove to the world that he was definitely not only that, but he also expected to get the opportunity to perform early. In the 19-20 season, the Trail Blazers team suffered from injuries, and at one point it was a problem to get 10 people. With a lack of soldiers and generals, Little got a lot of playing time. Although his performance was unsatisfactory, he showed great progress since the summer league, and was therefore highly anticipated by Pioneers fans.

Advantages and disadvantages

As mentioned earlier, Little’s sharp drop in the draft on the day of the draft has a lot to do with his poor physical test and training performance.First of all, Little’s physique was not as expected. Originally filled in to a height of 6’7″, it was only 6′ 4.5”, And sprint speed,Lateral movementThe performance is not very satisfactory. Coupled with several subsequent team tests, it was found that his shooting was not stable enough.andIn college, Little mainly started with the team’s No. 4. However, under the condition of insufficient height, he has immature No. 4 skills but only the physique of No. 3, so many teams have doubts about him.Poor shooting percentage, lack of good dribbling ability, coupled with physical weakness, eventually led to a drop in the draft.

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But these shortcomings Little grew up gradually with his extraordinary efforts.In fact, Little’s greatest strength may not be the visible physical fitness, but its extraordinary hard work and self-motivatedness.With a father who is a soldier, Little has lived a regular life of getting up at five o’clock to prepare for training since high school. In addition, Little is a recognized practice maniac by the whole team. In addition to team training, he also adds a lot of personal training. You can find him in the pioneers’ large number of training videos.The jump shot can be said to be a result of obvious improvement for Little: his three-pointer has improved from 23.7% in his rookie season to 35.0% in one go. Wide Open 3 is 47.1%, The overall projection movement is much smoother. In addition, the dribble breakthrough and other actions have also grown a lot, and his hard work can be seen.

Little’s training volume is even exaggerated. Last season, he experienced symptoms of dehydration during his practice in the bubble, which caused him to be unable to play a game after the rematch. Although very hard,Little’s fate is also a bit bumpy: in the past year, he has experienced ankle sprains, concussion protection, dehydration, knee sprains, and the most terrible infection and high fever symptoms, which led to his isolation for nearly half a month.Every time he feels that he has made a breakthrough, he will return to the ranks of the wounded list, which is quite embarrassing.

Although the technical side has grown, the weapon Little currently relies on for his livelihood is still its excellent physical fitness:38.5 Inches of take-off height, with 7′ 1″ With his wingspan and strong physique, Little has a strong confrontation ability.He is not like a light helicopter like Jones Jr., and when he takes off, he is more like a small missile launching-explosive and long-lasting. Little at the same time has good physical control ability, with excellent wingspan so that he has a good finishing ability whether it is aerial work or two waves under the basket. His low center of gravity and strong bottom plate also allow him to fight against players in the penalty area better than expected, which gives him a good potential for defense. However, his team’s defense is still prone to losing position, which also caused him to be unable to obtain a stable playing time.

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Team positioning

During the rookie season, Little was placed in the same position as the college by the Trail Blazers, that is, playing No. 4 on the bench. On the one hand, he still has a lot of technical problems. On the other hand, he is limited by the fact that the pioneers’ injuries are too serious. They urgently need Little’s help to share the hard work in the restricted area. Even if the performance is mediocre, Little has proved his physical fitness and will not be disadvantaged in the confrontation with players other than seniors. This is really rare for rookies. In the new season, as the technical side grows, Little is scheduled to start from bench number 3 more often, which also gives him more opportunities to shoot and hold the ball from the outside, but the main work is still “3D”.Do a good job of defending the flanks and strikers, and firmly grasp the opportunities in the gap. This is Little’s task at this stage.

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