Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Will Begin

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Published: 23/12/2020

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He Cancer, same as him PAGEIt is one of the progressive diseases that have a greater number of patients, who would be happy to have a vaccine available to improve their quality of life or eliminate the disease.

And it was in the northern country where scholars of the matter clinical trials against Breast Cancer started, which, in case of yielding positive results, would be an extraordinary solution for those who have this condition.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approved the beginning of clinical trials in humans of a vaccine against Breast Cancer and whose short-term goal is to completely eliminate this disease that annually affects about 300,000 women in the United States and kills more than 42,000 of them, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Who created the vaccine?

The vaccine was developed by scientists from the Clínica Cleveland, whose representative is Dr. Vincent Toohy, an immunologist from the Cleveland Clinic, who also created a technology to prevent this type of Cancer.

The biotechnology company Anixa Biosciences, Inc, an American company focused on the treatment and prevention of Cancer and infectious diseases, has an exclusive worldwide license to produce this technology, so the Clinic that is patenting this innovation, joined this company.

Through a press release, Anixa Biosciences, Inc., commented that This technology is responsible for immunizing the alpha-lactalbumin protein that is expressed in the mammary glands of women only during the last part of pregnancy and during lactation. “Once lactation stops, this protein is no longer expressed until the woman develops Breast Cancer“.

“In a vaccinated woman it is anticipated that these cancer cells will be destroyed by the immune system before they have a chance to become a mature Cancer, “they detailed in the letter.

How were the preclinical trials conducted?

Surprisingly, Preclinical animal trials showed that 100% of mice that were not vaccinated and received the placebo developed Breast Cancer and died.

“It’s not entirely clear why, but this protein starts to be made again in the body and it just we have to teach the immune system to destroy the cells that produce them, because those are cancer cells, “argued Amit Kumar, president and CEO of Anixa.

During preclinical trials, Researchers suggested the idea of ​​using this vaccine against other types of Cancer such as Ovary and Prostate, which are usually the most preventable.

Amit Kumar assured that FDA approval is an important milestone for your prevention program to be successful and thus save the lives of millions of people. It should be noted that clinical trials are expected to begin in the spring of the following year.

If this vaccine is true and functional, the medical history of Breast Cancer could take a 180 ° turn. Remember that you can make use of digital tools such as Telemedicine to get a diagnosis. In Top Doctors, we create e-Consultation so that you can consult our specialists for Videoconsulta O private chat.

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