Breel Embolo of FC Schalke wants the Dortmund championship


Schalke-Star wishes the title to the BVB


Galatasaray - Schalke 04 - Group D UEFA Champions League

Breel Embolo has a surprising favorite in the fight for the title
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When talking about Breel Embolo, the archbishop Borussia Dortmund became German champion. C & # 39; s a good reason for his sympathy for BVB.

Breel Embolo hopes that of all the German champions of Borussia Dortmund.

"As a Schalke player you should not allow Dortmund the title of champion, but I wish him," said FC Schalke striker in an interview at the Swiss television station SRF,

A statement that probably shouldn't come very well with fans of the Royal Blues. After all, the 22-year-old has a good reason for his unusual sympathy for BVB. In yellow and black he plays with Manuel Akanji one of his best friends. The two are team-mates of the Swiss national team and are in agreement even in private.

Embolo also entrusts Dortmunder defender, who also participated in the interview, his little daughter when a babysitter is needed: "She recognizes him and always has fun with him, so I'm not worried."

Schalke said he was "happy when Manuel Akanji is close to me and I would like more in my club".

In this friendship, the rivalry between two clubs can never vanish in the background.

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