Brendan Rodgers makes a plea to scrap the plastic pitches in Scottish Premiership

Brendan Rodgers has been playing with the Scottish football.

The Celtic boss takes his on-side form to the face Livingston on the Sunday.

Rodgers accepts the West Lothian club, together with the likes of Kilmarnock and Hamilton.

Brendan Rodgers has called Scottish top flight

This is not the case for the premiership of the premiership of the premiership, but it is not the case that it is not the same for the reason that this is the case.

The premiership is the flagship of Scottish football and there should be astroturf pitches in it. Simple as that, 'Rodgers stated.

'If this is the flagship league, which is it, we should not have it.

I also think the teams that you need probably need help as well. They obviously need to generate money, that's why they do it.

Let's see if you can not find it, but if you want it, you can not find it.

'We are trying to promote a level and a standard. Whether we like it or not, that's the best standard.

Celtic face Livingston on Sunday – currently one of three synthetic surfaces in the division

'The respect and the other stuff that comes with the community clubs. It's not just their fault. They need help. So can we, in football and in government, help the teams?

The SPFL are currently locked in talks with broadcasters over the next TV deal to run from 2020.

They will not be able to give any favors to their friends.

'There are enough teams, Motherwell, Dundee, Partick Thistle when they were there, St Johnstone, that have fantastic pitches,' he added.

'St Johnstone have a lovely pitch to make money from the community.

Rodgers accepts the West Lothian club

'If they need to train and work there that's what they do. So we have to promote a standard because it is beamed around the world. '

Filip Benkovic at the Tony Macaroni Arena, Rodgers added: 'I just think it's standards, you know. I'm not sure about the injury thing. You'll get injuries on good pitches.

I think it's about standards and the quality of game for supporters. I have never seen a good game on an astroturf pitch. I'm sure we're not going to see the best game at the weekend. But we have to find three points. '

Celtic go on the back of an epic victory over the RB Leipzig on Thursday which kept alive their hopes of the Europa League progress.

Celtic go into the league clash on the back of an epic victory over RB Leipzig on Thursday

Now with the Germans on six points, they must be better

Despite having already accrued 12 points, Salzburg still need one more point against Leipzig in Austria on the night Celtic travel to Trondheim to make absolutely certain of progression.

Rodgers said: 'No. I would never question the integrity of it. Both teams have pride.

'You saw it in the first game. Both teams want to win. Salzburg are a very good side. They have shown themselves against Leipzig and their game on Thursday night. Both teams will want to win that.

'The group is a very tough group. You see the level of the two teams that are there plus Rosenborg. I know it will be hopefully right to the end for us. '

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