Brenden Aaronson has already reported with Red Bull Salzburg

Brenden Aaronson is one of the new promises of soccer from the United States who emigrates to Europe, with Austria being the destination of the former Philadelphia Union player. After finishing the season with Union in Major League Soccer, the midfielder took a short vacation to finish 2020 and later make the leap to the old continent. Breden arrived in Salzburg, Austria this Sunday, where he was received by his future coach, Jesse Marsch.

After his arrival, the young man gave an interview for the official website of the club where he made it clear that he is a hard-working guy, but at the same time he showed interest in being on the field as soon as possible in order to meet his teammates and be able to adapt to what as soon as possible to Jesse’s demands; as He can become an important piece for Marsch for the rest of the season in Austria by bringing a lot of creativity in midfield.

“Excellent! It was a long process since I finished the season with Phialdelphia, but here I am. I hope I can be on the field with the team soon and show what I can do ”Breden began, adding: “I am a ‘creative worker’ I would say. I work hard in midfield, I am aggressive against the ball I try to cover gaps in midfield and at the same time I provide as many assists as possible. I think that describes me better, ”said the player.

Your goals in Salzburg

The 20-year-old arrives with the intention of continuing to train as a professional, but at the same time to be able to grow professionally with degrees. But what most catches his attention on his arrival in the old continent is being able to play the UEFA Champions League, a dream that will have to wait, since they are currently in the Europa League.

“I always have high expectations of myself. I want to focus my energy on my time here. I will work hard every day to win titles and championships. For me, it’s always about winning at any cost. I also want to play the Champions League and the Europa League. I want to do my best and help the team. I hope I can show it in training every day, “he said.

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