Breton launches a new nod to ‘telecos’ and proposes a law that allows large mergers and helps finance the networks

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This Tuesday was a long-awaited day for the telecommunications sector. The Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Bretonhas revealed the results of the public consultation on the state of the sector with a message that has been exceptionally welcomed by the industry by proposing a new law that responds to some of the demands that operators have been making to Brussels.

Thus, the commissioner advocates benefiting mergers between large operators to improve their competitiveness and the search for a new framework that allows solving the enormous investment needs in the networks of the future (fiber and 5G).

From the participants in the consultation, EU technicians draw the conclusion that operators will have to allocate half of their annual income (about 150,000 million euros) to their networks to meet investment needs for the new technological generation and the withdrawal of high-risk suppliers.

The message of Breton has been widely celebrated by GSMA and ETNO, the global and European associations that bring together the telecommunications industry. The operators compare the message of Breton with the famous ‘whatever it takes’ of Mario Draghi as president of the ECB during the euro crisis.

Likewise, operators consider that from the EU’s position it can be deduced that the balance has tilted towards them and the need to cover their growing demand for investment in the fight for large technology companies to finance their networks, something to which they refuse. .

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