Brexit Chaos: the campaign for voting in Britain is fined illegal referendum exceeded


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LONDON – The British pro-Brexit campaign has broken the law through excessive spending and has been referred to the police, the regulators said Tuesday, asking for renewed requests for another referendum on divorce in the European Union.

Vote in June 2016 to vote against spending rules and received a fine of $ 80,843 decided election commission.

Britain voted 51.9 percent for E.U. against the 48.1 percent who voted to remain in the trade bloc and open the way for decades for the country's biggest change in its trade and foreign policy.

Two years after this result, Britain remains stubbornly divided over its future relationship with E.U. it should look like, or even if the Brexit should go on.

The political maneuvers on the issue precipitated the conservative government in power of Prime Minister Theresa May in a series of crises. He avoided a defeat in the lower house last Monday with only three votes.

Image: leave the choice
"Vote Leave" was the official organization of the campaign for Brexit. Oli Scarff / AFP – Getty Images file

An attempt by May to unite war ministers behind a post-Brexit plan negotiated earlier this month in Checkers Land's retreat, which collapsed a few days after the conditions of the legislator and the conservatives turned out to be unchangeable. His government was shaken by several resignations.

Brexit supporters say the result of the 2016 referendum should be respected. The official divorce mechanism has already been activated, and the United Kingdom would be the E.U. March 29, 2019.

However, the growing uncertainty about Brexit's impact on trade and customs regulations has led some legislators across the political spectrum to request a second vote or even abandon the process.

May Prime Minister of Justice Justine Greening said that Checkers' agreement was "an alms that I can not support".

"The only solution is to remove the final decision on Brexit from the hands of stalled politicians, away from the stores behind the scenes, and return them to the people," he told The Times on Tuesday.

This sentiment was reinforced by revelations on the excess of illegal spending by the voting vote campaign.

"The Brexit was sold not only because of intentional lies and false promises, but also because it broke the voting rights," said the conservative Legislator Sarah Wollaston ,

Labor Party legislators of the opposition Chuka Umunna said "We know that the leaves of the vows have lied on a gigantic scale – we now know that they have betrayed them too and are official." The so-called popular elections on the final terms of Brexit.

Only with 255 days left in the United Kingdom the E.U. Britain needs to negotiate with the Brussels negotiations on the opportunity to maintain existing partnerships such as a common customs area or harmonized rules for consumers.

Analysts have warned that political power struggles have increased the chances of a "disorderly" or "without agreement" Brexit, with Britain leaving the EU. without trade substitution or customs pact in place. Corporations say they would cause chaos, especially at the border.

John Wraith, head of the UK interest rate strategy at UBS, said: "Given the risks to all parties, we continue to see an orderly exit as the most likely solution, but in our view, the outlook for this results have worsened in recent weeks, while those with nefarious results have increased significantly. "

The announcement by the electoral authorities on Tuesday follows the concern that Russian groups are using social media reports to influence the results of Brexit in 2016.

Facebook said it had found "a minimal amount" of misinformation in the UK when it was first examined in 2017, but in January the technology giant said it would reexamine the subject.

According to the British electoral law, it is the activists' responsibility to ensure that a complete and accurate return of campaign expenses is completed on time.

The Electoral Commission opened an investigation in November 2017 after finding evidence that the expenses for the referendum for the voting gap amounted to £ 7,449,079.34 (about $ 9,865,000), the spending limit legal exceeded 7 million (9.3 million dollars).

Bob Posner, director of the Electoral Commission for Political Finance, said he had found "serious violations" in transparency in the pro-Brexit campaign.

"The voting permit has resisted our investigations even by challenging our regulatory authority to initiate investigations," he said.

"He refused to cooperate, refused our requests to propose an interrogation representative and forced us to use our legal powers to force them to take the evidence, but the evidence we found is clear and substantial. . "


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