Brexit – Éx Minister Davis blames Germany


Britain will leave the EU at the end of March. The former minister David Davis prophesied a quick conclusion of the Brexit agreement. He also blames Germany. Developments in the news blog.

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22:19 The minister of Brexit Ex Davis blames Germany and the EU

The former UK Brexit minister, David Davis, has harshly criticized the position of Germany and the EU in negotiating an exit agreement with the United Kingdom. "Europe was determined to make sure we did not benefit," Davis said in the new issue of "Spiegel".

While his country had tried to find "a good result for all parties" in the Brexit negotiations, Brussels focused completely on hardness. "In fact, Ms. Merkel has similarly said that Britain should under no circumstances benefit from Brexit". Davis resigned from his ministry last July for hearing that Prime Minister Theresa May's negotiating strategy towards Brussels was too weak.

Davis prophesied a quick conclusion of the May agreement with the EU. The British Parliament will reject it next week – "and it will fail if it is put to the vote a second or third time, with some aesthetic corrections".

He believes that leaving the EU "manageable" without any agreement, Davis said. "Perhaps we will have traffic jams of trucks, who knows, maybe we will see hostile actions from European states, but whatever happens, after a year, everything will happen." He called other predictions "stories of fear".

20.18 Warning on the purchase of panic

In the case of a hard Brexit, British police are afraid to buy hamsters and advises retailers to take additional security measures. Customers could flood the stores in greater numbers for fear of supply shortages, police said. This may require additional agreements. As traders increase their security measures, police will be relieved in the event of turbulence.

Retailers reacted reluctantly to warnings. James Martin, security adviser for the UK Retail Federation, said the dealers are working closely with the police. The approximately 5,000 members of the association have experience in providing their customers with secure purchases and protection of sellers.

15.47: Merkel: they are prepared

Chancellor Angela Merkel also sees Germany well prepared for an unregulated Brexit. He could say alone "that we want to do everything possible to get a regular exit, because it is good for the British economy, but also for us", Merkel said on Friday in a discussion with the students of the German Athens. "But we also prepared the case where we did not get an agreement," said the chancellor. Many laws have already been approved, "so we can do it and the consequences are as small as possible". When asked if Brexit could inaugurate the end of the European Union, the Chancellor declared: "I do not think so".

2.29pm: the Industry Association is alarmed

The association of the British CBI industry warns against a harsh Brexit and extreme upheavals in British industry. If Britain left the EU without an agreement, costs and tariffs would increase for companies. There is a risk that ports will stop working, separating companies from the goods they need to supply their customers. Trade agreements with countries like Japan, South Korea or Turkey would be lost.

13:08: Media reports: the move is likely

According to the Evening Standard, a change in Britain's exit from the European Union (EU) is becoming increasingly likely. Several secretaries of state government of Prime Minister Theresa May have made this assessment to the newspaper, he said on the newspaper's website Friday. At least six important laws, which should be approved before leaving, could not be decided for reasons of time.

Friday, 11.01.2019, 12.55 clock: the Foreign Minister considers the Brexit as firm as possible

Jeremy Hunt on his way to a Cabinet meeting in London: the Foreign Minister said that Brexit could be canceled. (Source: AP / dpa / Alastair Grant)Jeremy Hunt on his way to a Cabinet meeting in London: the Foreign Minister said that Brexit could be canceled. (Source: Alastair Grant / AP / dpa)

A rejection of the Treaty on Brexit by the British Parliament could, according to Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, lead to the fact that the exit from the EU is completely canceled. A "no" vote by Members of the European Parliament on the agreement negotiated between Prime Minister Theresa May and the European Union could trigger a "paralysis of Brexit" that could stop the planned departure from the European Union, Hunt said Friday. Instead, the parliament must prevent it from arriving at a Brexit without rules. The lower house will vote on Tuesday on the exit agreement of the EU.



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