Brexit: it was in the worst plan of Boris Johnson to leave the EU

abroad "Yellowhammer Operation"

This is in the worst plan of Boris Johnson for Brexit

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The Scottish court has declared the parliamentary forced rupture illegal

A Scottish appeal court declared the mandatory interruption imposed by the British parliament on Prime Minister Boris Johnson illegal. The British government has announced that it would appeal.

British parliamentarians have asked the government to publish documents on a possible Brexit without agreements. First, a report will be disclosed. Show what drastic consequences are expected.

DThe British government came after a decision by the Parliament has published a document on plans for a Brexit without agreements, The six-page document outlines the consequences that the government would have calculated in the event of exit from the EU without agreement on 31 October.

The so-called "Yellowhammer" documents were leaked to the press last month. The Sunday Times journalist According to Rosamund Urwin however, the title has been changed. The documents had leaked out. Instead of "baseline scenario", it now says "planning hypotheses for the worst case". The modification of the title seemed to confirm the assumptions of the opposition that the government is minimizing the potential consequences of an unregulated exit from the EU.

"Operation Yellowhammer" is the code name for planning without agreements of the British government.

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The six-page document warns, among other things, about protests and interruptions of public order that would require a "significant amount" of police forces. Furthermore, long waiting times in the English Channel could lead to bottlenecks for medicines.

As a result, diseases may arise in animals that could also affect human health. Some foods may even be scarce, according to the document, compounded by the purchase of hamsters. Parts of the country could also be fuel shortages. Bad weather in autumn or winter could intensify these effects. Particularly affected by possible bottlenecks Food and gasoline are low wages,

Furthermore, in the worst case, protests and counter-protests are expected across the country – a "possible increase in public concern".

Here, President Bercow announces his resignation

The president of the British House of Commons, John Bercow, announced his resignation. He would also resign on October 31 if he refused early elections.

Source: WORLD / Christoph Hipp

The worst case hypotheses were prepared on August 2nd and formed the basis for planning without government agreements. Eight lines of the report are obscured in the publication.

With publications, the government lags far behind Parliament's demands. The deputies had requested Monday, just before the start of a forced forced interruption of the parliament imposed by Johnson, all the documents of the plans without agreement. In addition, they requested all correspondence, including emails and short messages from key government officials and consultants.

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Queen Elizabeth II welcomes the newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson in July. He could have put her in a difficult position

Minister of State Michael Gove rejected the request as "inappropriate and disproportionate". The government must protect the privacy of its employees.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to force a Brexit without agreement. Parliament has opposed the plan with a law that approved the The Brexit, postponed to 31 January 2020, should not have an agreement with the EU on its exit from the UK by 19 October.

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Boris Johnson speaks in the House of Commons, London, Tuesday 3 September 2019 after parliamentarians voted in favor of the municipal agenda on Brexit on 31 October. (Jessica Taylor / House of Commons via AP)

Boris Johnson and the Brexit

A Scottish appeal court also declared the mandatory five-week break-up of the British Parliament imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson illegal.

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