Brexit Party: Lucy Harris' passionate speech reveals that the Brexiteers forced silence at work | United Kingdom | news


Nigel Farage's Brexit Party presented today a series of candidates who will participate in the upcoming European elections. The founder of Leavers of London, Lucy Harris, gave an emotional and passionate speech criticizing the many ways in which the Brexiteers are forced into silence for fear of repercussions in the workplace. Ms. Harris also confirmed that she would be waiting for Yorkshire in the European elections and explained why she felt so determined to join Farage's Brexit party.

He began his speech by saying: "I returned to London, an unlikely source of leaving the voters that one might think, but beneath the surface, there are the Leavers, everywhere.

"From teachers to media professionals to city workers, but many are too afraid to come out. Voters oppose their democratic rights for fear of repercussions in their social or professional lives or simply labeled as racist or stupid by their former friends .

"In London, teachers tell scary stories of being forced to eat their lunch in the IT room as punishment from colleagues.

"Media professionals say they were excluded from meetings due to their vote.

"While freelance musicians reveal how jobs were rejected because of their Brexit position.

"Across the UK, many people have faced the choice to remain calm about Brexit or in the face of social ostracization.

"Those who are fortunate enough to hold influential positions in our society have often exploited them to discredit a legitimate political position held by their fellow citizens and, indeed, a majority of them.

"The refusal of the political class to accept the democratic mandate of the referendum has only perpetuated the divisions.

"It continues to damage the precious social cohesion within our country.

"It is not only the collective political failure to respect the referendum, but the way in which the common people who support it have been marginalized and defamed.

"This is really harmful to the fabric of our democracy".


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