Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have marital problems again NOW

Brian Austin Green has Monday in his podcast Context with Brian Austin Green told that he and his wife Megan Fox have marital problems again after a lesser period around 2015. After visiting abroad for Halloween 2019 movie filming, Fox confessed to the Beverly Hills 90210-actor that she felt more comfortable without him around.

Austin Green says that he asked his wife in a text message several weeks after the filming of an unnamed movie if he should be concerned about his marriage. The of the Transformermovies known Fox replied, according to the actor responded with “let’s discuss this later”.

“I was shocked and angry after Fox told me after her return that she was happier without me,” said Green, who suspects he took his marriage for granted. After, according to the actor, marriage therapy had no effect, he began to think that “it is what it is.”

According to Green, the D word (“divorce,” or “divorce”) is “like detonating a hand grenade in the room,” but he will always love “my best friend, 15 years old.” He and Fox started a relationship in 2004 and have been married since 2010.

Kelly met Machine Gun Kelly during the filming

According to Brian Austin Green, Fox met rapper and actor Machine Gun Kelly during filming of an unnamed movie. Despite rumors that they are in a relationship, the two would be “friends” at the moment, according to Austin Green.

“I don’t want people to think that Megan or Machine Gun Kelly are the bad guys or I’m the victim,” Austin Green said of rumors surrounding Fox and the “nice guy I haven’t met yet,” he says. “The press is looking for something to write about and that has gotten out of hand.”

In April 2019, it was announced that 46-year-old Austin Green and 34-year-old Fox would not pursue the divorce filed for in 2015. Shortly after the filing, the two reconciled and Fox was found pregnant with their third son.


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