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The work as a bricklayer is heavy and often requires a lot of effort, this is lived day by day in the Zócalo capital, in Mexico City. While bricklayers offered their services, a certain youtuber prepared an unexpected ‘gesture’ for one of them: offered him 10 thousand pesos if he was able to buy an iPhone, and go home to rest after shopping. The moment surprised thousands of onlookers on the Internet, as the purchase was carried out with a lot of humor and jokes involved.

This unusual case was reported by the Youtuber Yulay, who tried to break some ‘taboos’ about buying expensive products. He ran into a bricklayer who was looking for clients and tried to help him financially: “Boss, for 10 thousand pesos. Would you buy me an iPhone?”, the heavy-duty man accepted the rare proposal; he put the masonry sign on his shoulder and went with all possible humor to the shops of the ‘apple’.

“I’m looking for a 500 GB iPhone”

Don Francisco had gotten down to work and visited a first IStore, however, they asked him some questions that would bother him: “Is the card from you?”, to which the man managed to say ‘that it belongs to his son’, but the store could not process his order as is normally done: “Let’s go to another store, nothing happens”Yulai told him; the target was still standing.

This time asked for help from a work colleague who posed as a ‘godson’so the bricklayer had the perfect excuse to give something to his ‘props’ relative: “How much does the iPhone 14 pro cost us?”, said the construction expert in complete confidence, while an adviser tried to show him the models, colors and gigabytes available. “I’m going to show you a bigger one to see if you can take it home. Let’s see if you show it to the comadre”the mason joked to his undercover friend.

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The purchase was completed and the advisor was still left with an astonished face, while the man left with one of the most valued iPhones of 2023: “I don’t think this charger is a gift (he tells the advisor) he’s still charging me for it… I thought you were mistrusting me, man”made the young worker laugh, who offered to place his chip. “The bow is missing, right?”, said the man who was able to negotiate the cell phone with a gift included wittily.

At the end of the day, Don Francisco was able to leave the place full of ‘status’ calmand it is that in addition to the iPhone (for the youtuber) he took 10 thousand pesos that he shared with his colleague who acted as ‘godson’: “They raffled it off, they left very happy. They know how to glue tiles, scrape shoes and they also know how to buy iPhones”Said the Mexican influencer, as he recorded how cleverly both “teachers” managed to get the cell phone without knowing anything about it.

“A complete genius this mason and how he outwitted the ‘hallucinated’ of the advisors, I loved his sense of humor”was said of the story.

“I do like these initiatives, instead of giving away the money there. Don Francisco left happy”said another netizen.

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