Brigade of Tadeusz Kościuszko in Ukraine. Belarusians suspect that it lures the volunteers into a trap

Tadeusz Kościuszko is not only a Polish, but also a Belarusian national hero. The commander became the patron of a new volunteer formation fighting against the Russians in Ukraine. Information on this topic appeared on Telegram, where the creators of the brigade call themselves “real warriors”, as opposed to the other four divisions.

However, journalists of the Belarusian independent media doubt the existence of the Kościuszko unit. Suspicions are raised by criticism of other Belarusians fighting in Ukraine, as well as the uniforms presented, incl. without the characteristic Ukrainian bands.

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In the opinion of the Nasha Niva portal, this may be a trap of the Belarusian services due to the strange method of contacting the volunteers. People who are interested in fighting must write “1794” (the year of the Kościuszko Uprising) in a public place and submit a photo marked with geolocation.

Radio Swoboda contacted people who claim to be members of the brigade. Journalists claim that one of the interviewees made linguistic errors that suggested that he originally wrote the replies in Russian and then translated them into Belarusian using a translator.

Volunteer soldiers from other Belarusian formations believe that the Tadeusz Kościuszko is a provocation of one of the departments of the Ministry of the Interior. He is already conducting a criminal case against the Battalion. Konstanty Kalinowski, claiming that he has already established the personal details of 50 members of the branch.

Sources: Biełsat / mba

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