“Bright colors on the beach.” Did King Charles dance after his coronation?

Social media users are circulating pictures whose publishers claim they show King Charles partying on a beach dressed in bright colours, according to the AFP fact-checking service.

The leaflets include a number of pictures, in each of which King Charles appears, dressed in bright colors, dancing and celebrating on the seashore or near a swimming pool surrounded by a number of people.

Screenshot from the misleading post Source: AFP

These images received thousands of posts from several pages on social networking sites, although many questioned their authenticity, suggesting that they were the result of an artificial intelligence program.

These images are already marred by a number of deformities, especially on the level of the king’s hands.

“A number of deformities, especially on the level of the king’s hands.”

Several distortions can also be noted at the level of the people appearing in the background.

“Several distortions at the level of the people in the background”

Subsequently, the search for these images indicated that they were published in a group on Facebook dedicated to publishing images generated using the artificial intelligence program “Medjourney”, according to AFP.

These pictures were published in a humorous context as a simulation of Charles’ coronation celebration.

These pictures were posted in a humorous context.

The account holder had previously posted other AI-generated images across the same group.

“The account holder has previously posted other images generated using artificial intelligence programs.”

On the sixth of May, tens of thousands of Britons and hundreds of millions of others gathered on screens in the world to watch the coronation of King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla, on the throne of the United Kingdom at Westminster Cathedral in London.

The coronation ceremony was held for the first time in 70 years, as its last version dates back to 1953 when Charles Elizabeth II’s mother ascended the throne and held it until her death in September 2022 at the age of 96, after Britain’s longest reign.

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