Brilli-brilli hats, advertising castings and photos, many photos at the María Pombo festival

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A mechanical bull, a casting to be the next Clarins advertising image, a gigantic mobile phone with a mirror case from the House of Carcasas, cheap vape promos and free glitter. It wasn’t a costume party, but it was clear that the dress code was the wild west galactic because there was not a single person who was not wearing boots cowboy. Normally, the reason for going to a festival is the artists, but few festival-goers came to Suavefest seduced by the poster, but rather influenced by a kind of celebrity: the influencerMaría Pombo.

Pombo, the precursor of Suavefest, is one of the largest influencers from Spain with 3.1 million followers on Instagram and four companies behind him. Suavefest is one of its business lines that started in 2019, and had to be paused due to the pandemic. This year he has recovered, and he has done it in a big way at the IFEMA in Madrid. Around 10,000 people attended its third edition this Saturday, selling out hours before. Almost all twenty-somethings, well-dressed in brilli-brilli and bell-bottom pants. When asked why they had come to the festival, they said with a shy smile that they were followers of María Pombo.

It would be a music festival, but in reality it was the perfect occasion to live the dream influencer. Or, at least, feel like one until three in the morning. If it was already difficult to find men in the audience, Even more so was running into some tacky. Not even the bathrooms were disgusting. At least not the one they usually give at events like this. Despite all the attendees being crowded together to look out at the photocall where they were going to land influencers guests, still smelled of perfume. Even when critical hours arrived, she continued to smell good.

Such was the level that Even the granddaughter of the King Emeritus attended the event: Victoria Federica de Marichalar y Borbón is still on the way to being influencer, And you can see it. He still has a way to go to reach the level of sympathy that the profession requires. If the Suavefest has made one thing clear, it is that it is not enough to be beautiful and stylish, you have to be liked and loved. And that is something that María Pombo has done very well.

Before her, other well-known faces appeared on networks such as Dulceida, Laura Escanes, Ana Matamoros or Violeta Mangriñán. However, it was when Pombo appeared that all the cameras came out and the fans started shouting “beautiful” on the other side of the fence non-stop. Because seeing María Pombo, at that festival, was like seeing Madonna. The difference is that she is not a diva and she doesn’t sing either, but people go crazy when they see her.

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