Bring Nuclear to Space, US is Suspected of Ready to Bomb Russia and China from the Moon

NEW YORK – National Aeronautics and Space Agency ( NASA ) announced plans to put a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2030 as part of a vision to turn it into a power plant. But this mission is suspected of being a US move to bomb Russia and China from the moon.

NASA itself has selected three design concept proposals for a power system that will be launched at the end of the next decade.

It will be tested by astronauts who will go to the lunar surface under the Artemis program. The station is expected to support human presence on the moon.

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Three concept proposals have been submitted to Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse of Cranberry Township in Pennsylvania and IX of Houston, Texas which is a joint venture with Intuitive Machines and X-Energy.

“New technology is driving our exploration of the moon, Mars and beyond,” said Jim Reuter, associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate.

The United States Space Force has warned US President Joe Biden of a possible Chinese attack on their space assets.

Especially now that China has missiles that can be launched from land to space to destroy satellites in space.

The head of the US Space Force, John Raymond, claims Beijing has developed a large amount of space technology that can combat US satellites. This includes the US GPS system’s reversible jammer, which provides precise navigation and satellite communications.

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