Britain could send several hundred soldiers to the Baltic States and Poland / Day


If we are in NATO, no one will ask the people where, when and how many foreign troops to deploy in Latvia. Britain is considering, as in our homes, where we will put this or that. Only soldiers will come with ammunition and armaments, This is a threat to peace! It was already in Iraq – it looked like chemical weapons were being made in Iraq! When the whole dynasty was destroyed and the ruling dynasty was killed in front of the television, it turned out that there was no production of chemical weapons. Sotty! Hardly told it. At the Ukrainian border with ‘; iu waiting for a fly from Russia to arrive to start what they are ready and have long been preparing. Why should you bring up with Ukraine and put so much in? And no one will ask us for anything, because it will not be so in Germany or Great Britain, not even in Latvia and the United States. It will be on Russian territory! But it is in vain that you will not be affected!

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