Britain Sends Advanced Brimstone 2 Missiles to Ukraine, Can Hunt Russian Tanks


Britain sends advanced Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine. This missile can hunt Russian tanks. Photo/Peter Jordan/The Sun

LONDON – The UK has sent Brimstone 2 advanced missiles to Ukraine to support its fight against the invasion Russia .

The missiles, which cost £175,000 each, have the ability to hunt Russian tanks and choose targets for themselves.

The British Ministry of Defense confirmed the supply of new weapons to Kiev in an announcement published via Twitter.

“As part of its aid package, the UK has provided the Brimstone 2 missile, a precision-guided missile, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the ministry said. The SunMonday (28/11/2022).

“This aid has played an important role in stopping Russia’s progress,” the ministry continued.

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The ministry alsoposting The video of the weapon in its announcement emphasized that the Kiev military could use it to hunt down Russian tanks and other combat equipment.

The delivery of the Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine was first detected on November 21 when the first pictures of the delivery were released online online.

It has previously been reported that the UK has supplied Ukraine with the Brimstone 1 missile.

Ukrainian forces have deployed ground-launched missiles to destroy the targets.

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