Britain will issue thousands of visas for foreign drivers

The British government has so far been reluctant to address labor shortages by easing immigration policy. However, it has now decided to issue up to 5,000 three-month visas for truck drivers and another up to 5,500 for poultry workers. However, the British Chamber of Commerce considers this step insufficient and compares it to extinguishing a fire with a thimble of water.

The Road Transport Association (RHA) estimates that up to 100,000 lorry drivers are now missing in Britain. There are several factors behind the lack of drivers, including the covidu-19 pandemic and Britain’s departure from the European Union. Lack of drivers causes outages in the supply of various goods, including fuel for petrol stations and food for supermarkets.

“I know how important this Christmas is to us all after 18 difficult months. We are therefore taking these steps to ensure that preparations remain well on track, “said Transport Minister Grant Shapps about the decision on temporary visas. Earlier, the government refused temporary visas, despite calls from retail and logistics companies to introduce them.

The government has warned that these visas are not a long-term solution. According to her, this means the employment of more British drivers with higher salaries and better working conditions, the Reuters agency wrote.

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