British Crisis, Hungry School Children Chew Rubber to Pretend to Eat

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Schoolchildren in English They are said to have consumed rubber and went into hiding at lunchtime because they could not afford to buy food. This phenomenon occurs as the cost of living continues to skyrocket at a time when the economy is getting tougher in the UK.

The charity that provides school meals, Chefs in Schools, talks about the conditions for British children at school.



“We hear about children who are very hungry, they eat rubber at school,” said Chef in Schools chief executive Naomi Duncan.

He then said, “The children have come because they haven’t eaten anything since lunch the day before. The government has to do something.”

At one school in Lewisham, southeast London, it was reported that a child even pretended to eat from an empty box.

The children’s school does not provide free food. The boy also didn’t want his friends to know that there was no food in his house.

Duncan also said many school charities spend too much money to distribute food to underprivileged children.

Duncan wanted all the kids to be able to eat free.

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“It certainly hurts us. They are actively going out and looking for children hiding in the playground because they don’t think they can get food, and feeding them,” Duncan was quoted as saying. The Guardian.

According to polls, many teachers are buying toasters so they can provide breakfast to hungry children.

Duncan then recounted that there was one school in Streatham which for a long time had difficulty in funding to feed 50 children. However, the situation is getting more difficult because currently the demand for food assistance has soared to 100 children.

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A number of school principals in the UK say the government is not paying attention to schools in the midst of this crisis.

The President of the Association of Principals Association, Paul Gosling, also spoke about the condition.

“The government knows when children come in in the morning hungry and cold. Schools must take steps to help,” Gosling said.

He later said, “However, at this time it is not right to leave us without extra support.”

He said that huge energy bills and unsupported teacher salary hikes could put hundreds of schools into budget deficits.

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British Crisis, School Children Chew Rubber to Pretend to Eat


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