British doctors ask for support and protection against the escalation of the pandemic


London, Jan 9 (EFE) .- Doctors and other health professionals in the United Kingdom this Saturday intensified their requests to the Government and the population to support their work in the fight against the pandemic, fearing a collapse of the health system public due to the rapid increase in cases.
The vice president of the committee of practitioners of the British Medical Association, Simon Walsh, warned that the situation in this country, which yesterday registered a record number of deaths in a single day, with 1,325, “will get worse before it gets better”, as the effects of the relative relaxation of the rules during the Christmas period are noted.
Walsh asked the Government of Boris Johnson to accelerate its vaccination program, with which almost 1.5 million people have already been immunized, and ensure that health personnel have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE, in English) .
“We must ensure that the EPP is there where it is needed, because, I am sorry to say, but we were disappointed in the first wave, and the Government must restore our confidence by vaccinating and providing that material,” he told the BBC.
Kevin Fenton, London Head of the Public Health Authority (NHS), called on citizens to respect confinement and “stay home”, while underlining the risk to general healthcare that hospitals will be overwhelmed.
Fenton said there are things that people “can do better” to reduce the number of infections, such as wearing a mask more and respecting physical distance at all times.
The professor of Health psychology at University College London and government adviser Susan Michie said that the closure imposed by the Executive this week in England “is too lax” and should be “stricter” than last March, when the pandemic broke out and the society was practically closed.
In his view, given that the current wave of the virus is even worse than the first, given that it is driven by a more contagious strain, the rules should be tougher, as currently, for example, certain religious congregations and work in homes are allowed. outsiders, and nurseries are open.
The United Kingdom reported 1,325 deaths from covid-19 in 24 hours, its daily record, to a total of 79,833, although other official statistics indicate that the total number of deaths attributable to the coronavirus is close to 95,000 in this country.
The Government also revealed that there have been 68,053 positive cases registered in that period, up to 2,957,472 computed together in the British territory.

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