British Parliament: "A harsh Brexit is now almost inevitable"


thereIn the second attempt, the British Parliament was unable to agree on an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit agreement. Monday's lower house rejected all four proposals for approval.

Now, the search for a way out of the dilemma of leaving the EU on Wednesday should continue. The Council of Ministers is already meeting this Tuesday. With the new lower house vote, it is likely a disorderly exit of the country from the European Union on 12 April.

Two options for closer ties with the European Union, the proposal for a second referendum and the plan to cancel Brexit if necessary, in order to prevent withdrawal without an agreement, were put to the vote.

The parliamentarians rejected the May agreement for the third time last Friday. Moreover, a new election is increasingly discussed in the country to exit the Brexit impasse.

Frustration among Members after the vote

The closest to the majority was the proposal to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU after Brexit. 273 MPs voted against, 276 voted against. To establish itself with certainty with an alternative, at least 318 votes would be required in the lower chamber.

Brexit minister Stephen Barclay has brought a new vote on Prime Minister May's agreement. It was possible to reach an agreement later this week and prevent participation in the European elections in May, Barclay said after the announcement of the voting results. Health Minister Matt Hancock wrote on Twitter, "Can we all vote for the agreement and do Brexit now?"

Many British parliamentarians were completely frustrated after the announcement of the result. Nick Boles, who had presented one of the alternative proposals, left the conservative party in tear power. "I did everything possible to find a compromise to get our country out of the EU and still preserve our economic strength and our political cohesion. … I failed."

"A tough Brexit is now almost inevitable"

The politicians of the EU have reacted horrified by the renewed rejection of all Brexit options in the lower house. "A tough Brexit is now almost inevitable," Brexit representative of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, wrote on Twitter. "On Wednesday, Britain has the last chance to break the blockade or face the abyss."

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The European politician SPD Jens Geier spoke of a "self-blocking now ridiculous in the British Parliament" and asked: "An extension of the membership to the EU beyond April 12, the Union European can only agree with the simultaneous announcement of a second referendum ".

If the completely disunited parliament does not reach an agreement soon, a withdrawal from the EU without agreement on April 12 or a renewed postponement of Brexit – with a participation of the British in the European elections at the end of May. Both members really want to prevent both.

Even a first round of voting on alternative proposals had led to clarity last week. All eight options have been rejected by the deputies.

The half-naked protesters stopped the vote

About a dozen half-naked protesters interrupted the debate in the time-honored lower house. They reported that their hands were attached to the glass plate with super glue, which separates the visitors gallery from the plenary hall. On their bodies they had written slogans like "climate crisis".

Naked demonstrators in the British parliament

Naked demonstrators in the British parliament

Source: AP

EU negotiator Michel Barnier reported last week that the EU could rectify the Brexit Treaty Political Declaration within 48 hours if British MPs opted for closer ties with the international community.

In a Brexit without agreement there are fears of chaotic consequences for the economy and other areas of life. The United Kingdom originally wanted to leave the EU on March 29th. But Parliament is so divided that the deadline cannot be maintained.

Discussion on another referendum

Late Monday afternoon, Parliament also discussed a petition calling for the withdrawal of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. Six million British citizens have already signed the online petition: a record. However, the government has already declared to reject the withdrawal of the withdrawal and feels bound by the referendum of 2016. At that time, a small majority of British citizens voted in favor of divorce from the EU.

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The Prime Minister's vote to resign fails to break the Brexit situation

The output programmed by the EU is increasingly worrying the economy. The Federal Industry Association of Germany (BDI) fears this year a disorderly exit from the British EU, an arrest joke for the German economy of at least half a percentage point of gross domestic product. "We should therefore adjust our current GDP forecast to 1.2 percent and expect only 0.7 percent more," BDI president Dieter Kempf told Hannover Messe, the largest industrial show of the show. world.

Even the British low-cost airline Easyjet creates the uncertainty of creation. The unclear prospects for the economy and the unresolved issues regarding the exit of the EU from the UK have weighed on ticket prices, said Lufthansa's competitor in Luton, near London. Only in the summer quarter should it rise again.

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