British political analysts have defined the reason for the hatred of the West in Russia


British political analysts TJ Coles and Matthew Elford in their book "Union Jackboot: The British Foreign Policy" have defined the reason for the hatred of the West for Russia. An excerpt of the book leads the editionCounterPunch.

In the book, which is written in the format of questions and answers, experts note that the true goal of US policy towards Russia is to maintain US economic hegemony. This is accompanied by the imposition of a "free market" culture, which is actually protectionist.


It is noted that after the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, Russia followed the course of "economic nationalism", to which the United States did not like, because this market segment was closing and the taxes on Western societies grew.

"But you can not tell the public: we hate Russia because they do not do what we tell them," Coles points out in his reply.

The political scientist also noted that in Britain, Russia is considered an enemy by the early twentieth century – British historians call that period the "first cold war". At that time, countries also competed in relation to the economy and fought for trade routes, and after the Bolsheviks came to power, Russia also began to pose an ideological threat.

At the beginning of the Russian foreign Ministry ledproof of western commitment.



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