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There is also an individual mode for individual settings.

newHondacivicInside the Type R, you’ll find comfortable seats that support your body, exposed metal pedals, and the trademark machined aluminum shift knob. The steering wheel draws a beautiful circle and is wrapped in Alcantara.

In the center of the dashboard is a touch monitor for infotainment. Although the finish of the software is not great,smartThe operability is not bad because it supports mirroring with the phone.

Honda Civic Type R (European spec)

There is an independent control panel for the air conditioner, and there are hard buttons that can actually be pressed on the spokes of the steering wheel. The drive mode switch is laid out next to the shift lever. I like the fact that it feels like it’s being pressed firmly.

In addition to comfort and sports, you can also choose a rough +R mode. For the first time in Type R, there is also an individual mode that allows the driver to individually change the texture of the engine, steering wheel, dampers, etc.

In the UK test drive this time, driving on public roads was allowed in addition to the circuit. However, both roads were wet.

Before starting, Honda’s test driver called out to me. Regardless of the drive mode, I felt that it was easy to handle even if the tires were cold on an unfamiliar circuit early in the morning. I think it’s an easy car to drive.

More familiar with matured motor nerves

Running out, I thought he was right. The Civic Type R gives drivers a sense of security and confidence. The first impression istoyota 86It was a slightly artificial driving experience, just like when it evolved into the new GR86.

The smooth-running steering wheel gains weight as load increases and responds sharply, while torque steer is almost non-existent. The state of front traction is clearly transmitted to the palm as feedback. The amount of information is rich, but there is a digital feeling somewhere.

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Honda Civic Type R (European spec)
Honda Civic Type R (European spec)

Hydraulic power steering would be difficult to achieve with such high-definition sensations. I think it’s possible because it’s electric. Furthermore, part of the engine sound synthetically echoes inside the vehicle through the speakers.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s got amazing dynamic abilities. Thanks to the supple suspension, it seems that the range of ability has been greatly expanded regardless of the road surface condition.

In comfort mode, the hardness like the previous Civic Type R is wiped out.On the other hand, in sports and +R mode, it is tightened and hatchclaim to be It also has a calmness that I could only imagine until now.

Still, it has not lost its sharp response and appeal as a driver’s car. It’s a thrilling and cohesive driving experience, yet more mature. While polishing his motor skills, it can be said that he has grown into a more friendly personality.

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