Britney Spears causes confusion with new photos of her buttocks


After numerous topless pics, Britney Spears is now showing her butt on Instagram. Some consider this to be an emancipated act of liberation, others worry about them.

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Britney’s father, Jamie (69), filed an application with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday to end guardianship, US media unanimously reported.


After 13 years under her father's tutelage, the pop icon is finally getting a new guardian.

After 13 years under her father’s tutelage, the pop icon is finally getting a new guardian.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images via AFP

Jamie Spears announced in mid-August that he would take this step.

Jamie Spears announced in mid-August that he would take this step.


  • For weeks, pop icon Britney Spears has been posting topless pics on Instagram – now she is also showing her bottom.

  • She describes her backside as “the real thing”.

  • The singer’s blooming phase divides her fans. While some are concerned, others think the photos are an act of liberation.

After Britney Spears’ father Jamie filed an application to end his guardianship this week, the singer now seems to be celebrating her triumph on Instagram – with Blüttel posts. In addition to a peach and wink emoji, the 39-year-old writes about a mirror selfie of her bottom in a thong: “Here’s my butt.”

In another post, she also posts a 14-second clip that shows her bottom in motion. In the caption she writes: «Here is a video so that you can see that this is really my butt! No filter and no retouching. The only true!”

«Artistic expression of freedom»

The fact that Britney shows so much skin on Instagram divides her followers. “She’s going crazy again” or “Something’s wrong here”, can be read in the comments. “Please start to write new songs, your talent is more important to us than such nude pictures,” says one fan. “Brit, please don’t prove that your family was right in holding you back. Chill sis! ”Was another worried comment.

Many people in the comments, however, celebrate Britney for emancipating herself after years of paternalism. “Your recent behavior of showing more skin than ever before is an artistic expression of freedom. Let them continue to create art », so a comment that has over 16,000 likes. In another it is titled as the “Queen of wellbeing in your own skin”. Another follower thinks: “Haters should kiss their bottom”.

Topless pictures as a liberation

The butt pics are new, but the pop icon has been posting topless pictures on her Instagram profile for weeks. Fans have already given her the nickname “Titney Spears”. In a post that has since been deleted, the mother of two has already indicated that her blooming phase is related to her struggle for more freedom: “To be honest, I have the feeling that I was carrying a great burden on my shoulders. I wanted to see myself more easily now … naked. Just as I was born. ”

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