Britney Spears reveals reason to disable her Instagram

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Last Tuesday, 14/09, the profile of the “Queen Matos” posted about Britney Spears have disabled your Instagram. Before the singer deactivated her account, she said the reason, “It’s just taking a break.” The artist asked her followers and friends not to worry, as she is fine.

“Her lawyer himself said it was her decision, so there’s no mystery about it. Just the cat wanting to enjoy the engagement without the people forewarning,” said “Queen Matos”.”It’s good sometimes for mental health !! I RECOMMEND.”, “What a scare. I thought she was going to be at the farm. Kkkk I can’t see a picture of a famous person anymore”, “Hey guys, I don’t vote faith. It was just a matter of not using the social network, it seems to me something else, disabling it is very extreme”.

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In other news posts “Hugo Gloss”, her followers were worried and wanted to know why the singer had turned off her Instagram, “eI’m suffering love to follow what she posted”, “Very strange! The last time she took a “time”, she had actually been forced into hospital”, “The best Instagram, I hope you come back soon #freebritney”, “I’m worried will you be alright?”.

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Learn a little more about what happened

Britney Spears before deactivating your account from Instagram, would have posted photos with her fiance about the couple’s engagement, showing the ring. But last Tuesday, 14, Britney, before deactivating her account, posted on her profile the reason.

The singer said she was fine and asked her followers not to worry. She would just take a break from her social networks to enjoy the new moment of her engagement.

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