Broadcast Live Her Penis While Riding The Train, This Woman Was Arrested By The Police – A woman was arrested by the authorities China After filming an indecent scene as he rode a commuter train, he later shared it online.

Adapt Daily Star Tuesday (20/7/2021) the incident was revealed after officers checked the CCTV camera where Liu was showing off his underwear through a live broadcast on an application.

The woman from the city of Huazhou, China, was caught on a subway surveillance camera bound for the city of Nanning, a Vietnamese border city, in May.

Footage released by police showed the 38-year-old passenger sitting next to two other passengers. Conditions when the carriage at that time looked quite crowded.

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As she sat in the passenger seat, she was caught pointing her cellphone camera at her legs and then lifting her skirt.

Liu reportedly recorded the action while broadcasting it live via an app to his followers. He then invited the audience to give him a gift so he could continue recording.

“Come on, I’m happy as long as you enjoy watching it,” he told his fans on the app.

A railway officer was seen walking past Ms. Liu, but the officer did not seem to notice her indecent act.

According to Nanning Metro Police, Liu was arrested in Luchuan, Guangxi, on May 27. He was charged with one pornography -related charge for profit.

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The police are still investigating the case and after the arrest, netizens were shocked and thanked the police for arresting the woman.

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“I thought he was watching porn, didn’t realize he was livestreaming. Good job, Nanning Metro Police.” wrote a netizen on the Weibo account.

“I didn’t see that on CCTV and I was surprised that people were sitting around just watching.” wrote another netizen.


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