Broken Porcelain, las apariencias engañan (PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4)

We were really looking forward to the new Stormind Games game after what we were able to play a few weeks ago, but unfortunately the limited and positive impressions from the start of the game did not match the rest of the game at all. After a promising first installment, this second part, perhaps, is ambitious, and ends up offering a product that is simply not up to par..

The lights and the shadows

Remothered: Broken Porcelain is a third person horror game with a strong infiltration component. It is an ambitious leap from its predecessor, offering not only a completely updated audiovisual section, but also more possibilities on all fronts. This, on paper, is great: good production values ​​and a more agile and varied game; but the reality is very different. It is a game that, yes, looks much better, but despite the introduction of new mechanics it is almost more limited than the original. We are going to explain everything little by little.

Nothing in Broken Porcelain is what it seems … not as a story, not as a game.

The infiltration is fine. It is very basic (crouching, hiding in various places, using objects to distract or defend ourselves …), inspired in a way by The Last of UsBut the moment things get tense, he’s not up to the task. Our character gets stuck in absolutely everything, and if we have to turn a corner quickly to avoid being seen, it is very possible that the protagonist will be unable to do something so basic with ease.. Things get worse when they see us, making it even easier to get hooked on something. Hitboxes are highly debatable, and enemies can hit us at a ridiculous distance.

History is the best, and it is
The story is the best, and it is told with great success.

Perhaps you are thinking that the ideal is to bet entirely on infiltration. Well we have bad news: there are mandatory battles. These fights are absolutely gruesome. They combine a horrible artificial intelligence with an unresponsive protagonist, useless weapons and, in general, a clumsy and poorly designed experience. To this must be added that most situations have a predefined solution, so all the tools at our disposal can be totally useless. This translates into a multitude of moments in which we enter into a dynamic of trial and error until we find the correct solution, whether it is to get into a specific closet or use our power (which we will comment later) on this and that object.

Our new special ability allows us to leave our body, and despite the possibilities that we can
Our new special ability allows us to leave our body, and despite the possibilities it may have, it ends up limited to guided puzzles.

It is a shame that this limited approach was chosen, since when it gives us some freedom to explore, it becomes more interesting. The first chapter, which serves as a long tutorial, does this quite well, combining more guided moments with more open ones. It is true that, as a tutorial, he sometimes presents us with a sequence with a single solution, but while here it is understandable and forgivable, in the rest of the game it is not. Also, there are times when the objectives are wrong. For example, At one point they will ask us to go find such a character, but the story does not progress until we interact with an object that at first glance is totally optional, so we can spend hours walking around in search of a character that is not there..

We can control other characters at certain moments in the story, but playably it hardly changes.
We can control other characters at certain moments in the story, but playably it hardly changes.

The main novelty is an ability that allows us to leave our body and interact with the stage. What could be a perfect tool to complement the infiltration becomes an element that only makes sense in the sequences designed for it, and that ends up becoming something anecdotal. Besides, we have programming errors. Some are more forgivable, such as problems in video footage, but others are far more serious, such as not being able to improve skills.. Fortunately, they are not very important and the game can be completed with the basic skills. As a note, it lasted a little less than seven hours, although this will depend on your patience before looking for guides and on your luck.

As far as possible, the scenarios are varied and interesting.
As far as possible, the scenarios are varied and interesting.

Good technically

After what we have said, talking about how well it performs in the audiovisual is not going to help much, but we think it is important to mention the work that the developers have done. Even with obvious deficiencies like facial expressions, Remothered: Broken Porcelain it looks very, very good. The characters are at a fantastic level, and the settings are not far behind. They are very varied (taking into account the limitations of the story) and they are full of detail, and even the design of the characters has liked them a lot.

Graphically it has surprised us a lot, even with its shortcomings.

In terms of sound we have correct performances with voices in English, although the equalization is not very successful, and we have characters that sound too loud and others that sound too low. The melodies and sound effects are at a good level, and the truth is that they manage to generate that tension, although the gameplay is responsible for dissipating it. Also highlight a good translation into Spanish spoiled by a lack of testing. It is clear that the translators did their work blindly (show completed, show [objetivos] show completed, for example), and there are times when menus are incomprehensible. A shame

Lack of napping ling
The lack of linguistic rehearsal has made us turn the game into English in order to understand the menus more clearly and, sadly, miss a very good translation.

If you forget the fundamentals …

We will be totally honest with you. We feel cheated with Remothered: Broken Porcelain. It was a bit strange that, for the impressions, they only let us play the intro, and that they did not let us talk about a skill that they had already shown us in the demo we saw a few weeks before. It was also a bit strange to see that after fast-forwarding the game they didn’t send us any code to access the game before its release. Now we know why. Right after the introduction everything falls apart; the serious errors begin, the obligatory fights and you discover that the sequences do not have a single solution because they are a tutorial, but because they are.

Remothered: Broken Porcelain It is a huge disappointment, above all, because deep down there is an interesting proposal, with an attractive and well-told story, that we want to play, but Poor combat, collision issues, bugs, and limited scenario design end up making it very difficult to enjoy, and even harder to recommend. There are things that can be fixed with patches and make at least more of the adventure entertaining, but others require a complete redesign.

We have performed this analysis on PC with a download code provided by Dead Good Media.


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