Broken screen, dead battery … how to repair your smartphone?

Your smartphone has just fallen into the water, screen side on tiles, the battery does not work anymore? Here are the solutions!

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The smartphone is much more than a phone, it is the nerve center of our digital and physical life. From social networks, to your bank, to your tram ticket, everything goes through this jewel of technology, which quickly turns out to be very fragile. What to do if the screen of your smartphone is broken or when your mobile stops responding? Do not panic, we will explain to you how to best repair your mobile as quickly as possible.

Who should I contact in the event of a breakdown or broken screen?

If the breakdown is independent of your use, then simply contact your dealer who must support your mobile. He is obliged to by law, so do not hesitate to remind him if he asks you, for example, to contact the manufacturer yourself.

In the event of a usage accident, the guarantee does not work and you then have several possibilities.

  • A repair shop
  • Online repair service
  • Home repairs
  • Repair your mobile yourself
  • Manufacturer’s after-sales service

Now that the basics are laid, let’s get into the details.

Smartphone repair shops and corners

Chains specializing in smartphone repair abound on the territory. These can be chain stores, such as corners set up in supermarkets, shopping centers. WeFix is ​​an example. This Fnac subsidiary allows you to estimate repairs online, before going to one of its 100 points of sale.

Industry pioneer, SAVE does the same, with an estimate in advance for each model of smartphone and a location of the 180 service points of the company. As a bonus, in some cases it is possible to have a mobile loan, if the repair is long. But in most cases, it will be done on site and you will leave with your mobile.

Another possibility is to go to one of the independent smartphone repair centers that abound in the city center. They usually work with manufacturer parts and can repair your phone immediately in the vast majority of situations. The quality of service may be uneven like the rates, do not hesitate to visit several before you decide. Even consult the notices on the internet to avoid those which display recurring problems.

Smartphone repair sites

These are the web equivalents of physical stores. The operation is quite close, a free estimate is established after choosing from a list of possible repairs for your mobile model. For example changing the battery, the screen or the glass back, the price is then fixed and clearly indicated. Some sites issue you a transport voucher and at others you will have to send the product at your expense.

The repair is done between 2 to 8 working days on average and in the price paid is included the return. Some sites also have a physical store chain which generally allows faster repair such as Restorephone. However, in addition to the length of a repair, you will not have a physical contact person in front of you.

Repair your smartphone alone

Rather than going through an intermediary, why not fix your broken phone yourself? A priori, it is enough to have some technical knowledge, spare parts and the right tools. This is to forget that smartphones are complex and fragile products. Finding spare parts is not complicated, they swarm on Amazon. Then just go to YouTube to learn how to do the repair.

However, it is better to buy “manufacturer” spare parts whenever possible, at the risk of having degraded performance. Changing the rear camera of your Galaxy S20 to something other than an original part is simply taking the risk of losing all the photographic skills of your mobile.

If you have any doubts about the quality of the parts, refer to a reference site like iFixit whose reputation is well established. You will find manufacturers’ spare parts, tool kits and especially tutorials produced by the site teams. Please note, if you are not an English speaker and you doubt automatic translation from YouTube, you can also go to SOSAV. It offers the same services as iFixit with tutorials entirely in French.

A repairman at home

Sites have specialized in repairing smartphones at home. So, Captain Repair allows you to make a repair estimate online and to determine an appointment with a professional repairer who will come to you. It can be at your home, in a cafe, at the office, in short any place where you are and which has a table and light.

Your physical and internet dealer

If the failure seems to fall within the framework of the seller and manufacturer warranty, you will have to deposit the product in the shop where you bought the phone. As part of a website, you will go through a delivery service. The e-commerce site will publish a voucher which is generally free. If the repair is not covered by the warranty, such as a broken screen. The After-sales Service must inform you of this and offer you a free estimate before each repair.

If you accept it, the product will be repaired and returned, otherwise it will just be returned to you. Some resellers offer dedicated mobile services such as Auchan Services. They then undertake to repair your phone, after a free estimate, on site and within 30 minutes if the repair requested allows it.

For further

Prevention remains the best insurance?

Yes, especially with your smartphone! Do not neglect a good protective shell. If you are a fan of outdoor activities or surrounded by nature, opt for a reinforced hull and if possible completely waterproof. You will lose in finesse, in design, but your mind will be much more peaceful. Finally, protective films dedicated to screens, as proposed for example Belkin, Rhinoshield or Forceglass, are an almost compulsory addition. Indeed, they will not only avoid scratches, they limit the chances of a broken screen when your mobile phone falls flat. For even more resistance, opt for tempered glass.

What is the purpose of my phone’s warranty?

Your manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs in the event of breakdowns that are not your fault. In the event of an accident, like the classic smartphone in the toilet bowl, the screen that falls flat on tiles or the shell pressed down following an impact, repairs are your responsibility. Unless you have opted for insurance or an extended warranty with your dealer. Do not hesitate to read all the conditions to find out if they cover life accidents.

Is it profitable to have your smartphone repaired?

In some cases, repairing your smartphone can be prohibitive. Depending on the design choices of a smartphone, the ease with which to obtain spare parts, a repair can reach stratospheric prices. When it costs 450 euros to change the screen of a smartphone to 500 euros, the question of economic interest arises. In any case, if you agree not to make repairs, do not throw your mobile. Put it in a recovery point, it will then be recycled, it’s always taken for the planet.

How long before I collect my phone?

It all depends on the importance of the repair. In a specialized shop, the operation can be done immediately after the product has been dropped off. Allow an average of 30 minutes to change a screen or the camera module. If you go through a service center, generally count 7 working days and if you use the services of a website, you must add the delivery times.

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