Brooke Blurton talks about mental health on R U OK? Day


Brooke Blurton entered the season of Nick Cummins' The Bachelor, armed with "books and strategies for self-care" to cope with the high-pressure environment, and is now encouraging others to do the same.

Speaking at in his capacity as ambassador for ARE YOU OK? Day today, which encourages meaningful discussions for suicide prevention, the young Aboriginal worker has claimed that competitors "spend a lot of time alone" reflecting in the home, which can have a negative impact on mental health.

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"On entering that experience, I didn't really understand the pressure or impact it would have had not just on an emotional level but also on a mental one," he said of the three-month shoot.

"You are isolated from your family and loved ones and this can have a huge impact on how you feel day after day. Not being able to connect with the people you really trust is the huge problem (why) those environments are really predisposed for that isolation, that manipulation, "he explained.

"There are also fantastic components," he added, "but sometimes it surpasses it."

The 24-year-old from WA, who left the show on her own initiative in the last three, said that many of her fellow competitors struggled with the "show trial" event, which ended sadly with Nick Cummins who did not choose anyone .

"I am happy to have those mental health skills and knowledge to be able to prepare for these situations," he said.

"Fortunately for me I took some books about caring for myself, I had some strategies in place for when I felt lonely or isolated (but) I saw a lot of girls really fighting, which was difficult because you have such strong connections at home."

The star – to which it grew close Degree in paradise the star Shannan Baff during the season – said he shared his advice for self-care with the other girls.

"I remember having a small book titled" 10 Ways to Help with Anxiety "and I signed up and gave it to one of the competitors who had a little stress starting to help her manage the things, so he will have it forever. "

For those intending to sign up for an appointment, Brooke has these words of advice on a negative side of the experience: "Get ready for downtime." Spend a lot of time alone, internalizing, so if you express yourself through art, or enjoy reading or exercising, whatever it is, I would encourage people to really bring it home, "adding," Sometimes, you have just need your way to escape. "

The Bachelor fan favorite was announced as ARE YOU OK? Dayambassador at the beginning of this year, which she sees as an "honor".

It's a personal cause for Brooke, as her mother took her own life when the reality star was only 11 years old.

"I have experienced my struggles for mental health and have seen it in my loved ones and in the people who are close to me," he shared.

"I would like to have the awareness of doing it now, perhaps to support more of my family in those times of crisis, but this is why I wander in these organizations.

"I was a big supporter of ARE YOU OK? during my work with young people and now, having that role of ambassador means that I can really share the messages I've always shared, but actually in a more powerful and direct way, "he said.

"I know that sometimes experiences can be very difficult for other people to talk about, which is why we want to talk more about mental health and break down the stigma in days like today."

While his ultimate goal is to encourage "comfortable conversations" by helping people identify the signs of depression, it all comes down to a simple message: be gentle.

"My quote that I live is that everyone is fighting a battle and you don't know anything about it, so always be kind. Whether it's the person from whom you buy your coffee, a teacher, a stranger on the bus, I just feel that kindness can do so much. ""

President Mike Connaghan reflects Brooke's message, explaining the motto behind ARE YOU OK? Day "Trust the signs" was based on "giving people the power to trust their instincts and asking the question as soon as they identify the signs that someone might be grappling with life".

ARE YOU OK? Day is today – check the website for more information.

If you have mental health problems or suicidal feelings, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14, Beyond Blue 1300 224 636, Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 or Headspace on 1800 650 890. If it is an emergency call triple-0.

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