Bruges galvaudes and shares against the OHL

Brugge did not manage to do better than a division against the OHL despite a big domination and countless chances. A solid Leuven defense and the Blauw’s awkwardness in Zwart coupled with Romo’s big game in the OHL goal prevented the Bruges from winning. The goals were scored by Ozkacar for Leuven and Mata for Bruges.

Leuven moved uninhibited on the lawn of Bruges and the start of the match is alive without any very big opportunity to report.

The Club created the best opportunity in the 32nd but the strike of Row on a center set back from From Ketelaere is too soft and above all too central.

The OHL is well in the game and takes control of the match thanks to Ozkacar on a corner with a beautiful uncrossed header (42nd).

It is a Bruges which puts much more intensity which goes up on the lawn in the second half. Sowah tries his luck at the entrance of the rectangle and obliges Romo to relax (48th).

On a stopped phase, Hendry receives the ball at the small rectangle and sees his head hitting the bar (53rd).

On a deviation of the head of Enough, De Ketelaere resumes with a plunging header but Romo is once again in the right place (63rd).

The second half is a one-way street but the Bruges residents lack precision in the last move, as evidenced by this strike from Vanaken, well found behind, which passes above (67th).

Romo makes a new saving parade in front of Rits who had tried his luck at the near post (74th).

The equalizer finally falls to the 78th thanks to Clinton Eye. The Bruges right-back fixes his defender before continuing with a strike from the left at the near post.

A minute later, the OHL came very close to regain the lead but the strike outside the rectangle of Maertens hits the post (79th).

The Bruges residents continue to push and despite an expected goal of almost 4 fails to score a second goal. The people of Bruges overused too much and came across an excellent Romo.

Despite this draw Bruges retains the championship lead but with 18 points only two units ahead of the Union. Leuven remains penultimate with 8 points.

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