Bruno Le Maire wants to encourage French manufacturers to relocate

Will French manufacturers relocate their production? It is in any case the wish of Bruno Le Maire who promised aid to actors in the automotive sector to enable them to overcome the difficulties associated with the current health crisis provided that they agree in return to relocate part of their production.

“I think that the French automobile industry has relocated too much, it must be able to relocate certain productions”, declared the Minister for the Economy on BFM Business.

“If we say to car manufacturers we are ready to help you, we are ready to improve for example the conversion premiums, we are ready to look at what can improve your competitiveness on French production sites, the counterpart must be what relocation are you considering, “he said.

Bruno Le Maire also wants to boost the electric car

“We are ready to participate in the electric battery sector and the State is putting a lot of public money on the table,” also said Bruno Le Maire. “In return, it is also necessary that the automobile manufacturers commit themselves to saying such category of vehicle (…) we will relocate it in France”.

“This is how we are going to build a stronger auto industry,” he said. To start again, the French automobile industry will also have to take measures in favor of the “ecological transition” and “gain in competitiveness”, according to him.

What is the share of Made in France at PSA and Renault?

In 2019, PSA achieved 36% of its global production in France, while within the Renault group this figure rose to almost 18% last year. Two of the flagship models of national production, the Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio city cars, are no longer produced in France. The Clio 5 is mainly assembled in Turkey and Slovenia while the 208 is produced in Slovakia and Morocco.

Sources: AFP and Reuters
Photo: Panoramic

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