Brunori, concerts at high altitude: “I play live, the virtual dimension is a substitute for existence”

The other day some guys who came from Bologna rang the doorbell of my house. San Fili is becoming the new Zocca. If he were a rapper he would be egotrip out of place, the comparison with Vasco and the pilgrimages in front of the house nobody can stand him. Self-irony in the mouth of Dario Brunori. The singer-songwriter fails to take himself seriously. Not even now that consolidated success. Cip !, fifth album in career under the name of Brunori Sas, released in January, went to number 1 in the charts and won the Tenco award. Dario won the Silver Ribbon for the soundtrack of I hate summer. In February the first tour in the sports halls of his career was due to start. Project postponed and replaced by a summer around playing in a reduced formation. The rules for distancing and the desire to play have led to the multiplication of alternative concerts and to balance the small size, suggestive locations have arrived: music at high altitude, boats docked in the port and historical places.
How are your acoustic concertinos going?
On the first date, I immediately felt how much I needed that thing. In quarantine I experienced a period of down. I was afraid you would get used to doing everything remotely, streaming, all on the sofa. Let’s keep this dimension tight: it has no comparison with the virtual one, a surrogate of existence does not convince me.
How do people react?
He is hungry for live music. And of simple things like these. We perform as a trio and have rearranged everything to fit a confidential and acoustic dimension. Compared to what was thought for the palaces where there was a direction that regulated everything, here I have a canvas that leaves room for improvisation. The alienating situation; but that basic tension that resides in the hearts of those who come gives the show a different flavor.
Concerts at altitude or at sea level: the oddity of an alternative season?
They were the best way to start again. Beautiful things are popping up everywhere and I believe we will not lose them. The beautiful souls have understood that it is necessary to start from contact with concrete things: the spectacle of music, but also the spectacle of nature.

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Before closing a few days ago, some artists preferred to make shows in the disco: without a band, without making the supply chain work. And without distancing …
It bothered me a bit … I don’t feel like pointing out the artists, for if I had found myself in front of 3,000 people without a mask and all stuck on a question I would have asked myself. I do it even when I take a plane and the shuttle is full. There is an individual conscience, but there should be someone who gives univocal rules and enforces them. We are paying great attention to each date, others have taken what was there.
Didn’t he cursed the misfortune of being successful in the wrong year?
At the end of the rehearsals for the tour, which was due to start on February 29th, I said: “what would I give to have one more month …”. Next time I’ll shut up and not complain. Joking aside, a beautiful journey was interrupted to think about bad luck would have been inadequate in such a tragic moment.
And then the awards came too …
I didn’t expect them. As a child I never won anything and I got so used to the idea that when a prize happens I don’t experience it well. I have a sense of guilt and would like to give it to others.
The world divides itself in vain sings in one of the songs of Cip !. Have we gotten worse in recent months?
That sentence was a poetic and naf proof to tell the reality. In recent months, more exasperated effects have emerged and even more division has been created by leveraging on people’s fears. It would be naïve to say that everything went well. But there is a for. In many small areas there have been positive signs, a silent humanity has perceived the need to move compactly. As we did with #iolavoroconlamusica which asked for the recognition of a firm category due to Covid. And I believe that Heros, the event of 6 September in Verona with 50 artists on stage united for the same cause, will send a powerful signal to the public and to politics: ours is a job.

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