Brussels: work from Monday rue de la Loi

From three traffic lanes, two towards Central Station and one towards Arts-Loi, a section of rue de la Loi will now only have two, one in each direction.

Lrue de la Loi will only have one lane of traffic leaving Arts-Loi in the direction of rue des Colonies and Central station. One less road traffic lane to widen the cycle path on both sides of the sidewalk. “Motorists and cyclists will be separated by a buffer zone”, explains Els Wauters, spokesperson for the Brussels alderman for Mobility and Public Works Bart Dhondt (Groen). Enough to transform this artery into a very long axis for cyclists, from the Cinquantenaire to Cantersteen and Boulevard de l’Empereur.

Work begins on Monday morning and will continue until Wednesday to erase the old markings and trace the new ones. The track for two-wheelers will be ocher in color, as is already the case around the Cinquantenaire and Catersteen, to show a certain continuity.

“No impact for cars”

“We noticed that it is the most used axis with more than a thousand cyclists who pass every day on the whole of the street”, continues Els Wauters. “The bands were too narrow and not comfortable enough, nor secure. “

As for motorists, they may be reassured, specifies the spokesperson for the city of Brussels: “A study has been carried out on the level of traffic and fluidity is ensured, the traffic will adapt. At the same time, there will be no additional traffic jams there. “In addition, adds Els Wauters,” to guarantee the fluidity of the automobile, we keep the possibility of two lanes at the junction with the rue Royale “. The city’s last argument: Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, Pentagon gateway, the number of automobile lanes and cycle paths is identical to the soon to be new section of rue de la Loi, without traffic jams.

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