Brutal Actions Are Intolerable


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan ensure that legal proceedings against the case of the orange trooper officer who molested and ran over his girlfriend continue. According to him, there is no room for perpetrators of violence or sexual harassment within the DKI Provincial Government.

“We knew the perpetrators of the violence in the viral video and were immediately fired that day, then handed over to the police for legal action,” Anies said on his personal Instagram, @aniesbaswedan, Wednesday (10/8/2022).

“There is no room for violence and harassment in the entire working environment of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, and the punishment is immediate dismissal and handed over to the authorities,” he continued.



In addition, Anies ensured that the victims had received protection as well as health, psychological and legal assistance from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Anies also thanked the netizens who reported the brutal incident.

“Thank you for the concern and the video reports of netizens regarding this brutal, barbaric and totally intolerable act,” he said.

Anies invites all parties to prevent violence. He also invited residents to document acts of violence to be used as evidence.

“If you see acts of violence, try to prevent them together. But if you are worried about safety or it will worsen the situation, then please take a photo/record and report it to the authorities or contact Jakarta Alert 112,” he added.

As is known, the police made a model A report to follow up on the case of an orange trooper officer who assaulted and ran over his girlfriend. The legal process against the perpetrators is confirmed to continue.

“We are continuing the legal process, tonight we are examining the witnesses,” said South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Yandri Irsan when contacted by reporters, Tuesday (8/8/2022).

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Yandri added that his party had also requested a visa for the victim. The case is currently being handled by the Mampang Prapatan Police.

Separately, the Mampang Prapatan Police Chief, Kompol Supriadi, said that his party made a model A report. A model A report is a report made by a member of the police who is aware of a criminal incident.

“Continue, yes, continue (the legal process). We will make the LP (police report),” said Supriadi.

He said that he had coordinated with the leadership until finally continuing the legal process, even though the victim did not want to make a police report.

“After I considered it, I coordinated with the leadership, we can make the LP, we can process it,” he said.

Now, the male PPSU officer who molested his girlfriend, who is a fellow PPSU officer, has been secured at the Mampang Prapatan Police. The suspect is currently still under investigation.

“Still (checked) … still,” he said.

Watch the video ‘The Deputy Governor of DKI Asks PPSU Officers Who Persecute Boyfriends to be Fired and Policed’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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