Bryan Cranston confirms the success of the film "Breaking Bad"

The star of the Bryan series Cranston appeared in the episode of "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday and confirmed the project.

"Yes, there seems to be a film version of" Breaking Bad ", but honestly I have not even read the script," said Cranston. "I did not get the script, I did not read the script, so there's the question of whether we will see Walter White in this movie or not.

AMC's beloved crime drama on nurse Walter Chem, a drug trafficker who became a teacher, went from 2008 to 2013.

Cranston said he would be absolutely interested in resuming his role and working again with creator Vince Gilligan, whom Cranston called "a genius".

"It's a great story and there are many people who felt they wanted to see some sort of completion of some of these stories that were left open and this idea, from what I've said, comes in at least a couple of characters that have not been completed until their journey, "said Cranston.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is unclear whether the film will be for the big screen or television.

But the star of the critically acclaimed series seemed enthusiastic about the film as a fan.

"I'm thrilled because it's" Breaking Bad "and it was the biggest professional period of my life," said Cranston. "I can not wait to see all those people again even though I have just come to see me."



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