BTS Channel The Beatles for the talk show appearance in the United States


The BTS was the main attraction of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, a film shot at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York, the site of the first Beatles performance in the United States in 1964.

For their performance, BTS, composed of Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, RM and J-Hope, wore clothes that resembled the Beatles' dark clothes during their Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

According to the official Twitter account of The Late Show, BTS performed on the same stage as the Beatles 55 years ago.

During the introduction of the South Korean band, Colbert said: "You may have heard that there is a new musical craze around the world, these guys are really something. They are called BTS and people are so excited that you can call it only BTS Mania.

"These guys come from over the pond, the big one, the one with Hawaii in the middle.

"I really am a nice group of young people, in fact, you can call them the fabulous seven. It has a beautiful sound."

Boyband BTS has performed at the Graham Norton Show (Tom Haines / PA)

The Beatles comparison comes after BTS swept the pop world, becoming one of the greatest artists on the planet since it was formed in 2013.

They recently equaled a Beatles record after collecting three number one albums in the United States in 11 months – a result achieved last time by John Lennon's Fab Four, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

At the beginning of this year, BTS became the first group in their country to score a number one album in the UK.

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