Buch will not open any files to the cargo agents of Girona and Terrassa before Sunday

The words from Slovenia of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, on the accusations of the Mossos of yesterday in Girona and Terrassa have taken the opposite from the Department of the Interior. Facing the micros, Torra spoke of "changes in action protocols" that will be discussed this Sunday in a meeting. Waiting for what could happen in the next two days, the intention of the Minister of Interior Miquel Buch is to go to the meeting to provide "the maximum information" and an & # 39; analysis accusations in Girona and Terrassa against "anti-fascist groups." However, the department's sources say that before the meeting on Sunday there is no provision for opening a file to the agents who participated in the accusations, because the deadlines are not so Quick: Remember that you must first thoroughly analyze the police actions and, if you think fit, take action.

Torra requires buch immediate changes in the aftermath of the Mossos charges in Girona and Terrassa

As for the "changes in the protocols" of the Mossos, from the inside they say that if they were done, they would have also taken some time. It is therefore not possible that Sunday can be agreed on a new operation of the anti-avalanche units. In his statements, Torra has not connected changes to people and from within they refer to their words. The Sunday meeting will be held when the president is back from Slovenia and will be the first meeting between Torra and Buch after yesterday's accusations. Despite the distance, in the last hours the president and the consultant had been contacted by telephone, but the announcement of Torra to request immediate changes to the Interior was not foreseen for the department led by Buch. The advisor, who was interviewing the media this morning, had admitted that there were images of yesterday's allegations that they indicated "that maybe some agent was outraged", even though at no time did he mention the idea to & # 39; enter your changes

Buch admits that there are minors who have passed Terrassa and says that the wrist will not be shaken to expel the Brimo agents

Relationship between the Presidency and the Interior

"I do not want to shake my wrist to be agents of the Brim" and "Some images do not conform to the principles of a democratic police" are some of Buch's words today. Some statements that have fueled the spirit of the body and for which some unions of Mossos have come to ask for the director's resignation. But while Buch was trying to get rid of the criticism of the charges in Girona and Terrassa, Torra blew up all the alarms and gave him an interior ultimatum. A position that strengthened the relationship between the Presidency and the Interior. It is not the first time that a Torra reaction generates discomfort in the department led by Buch. On 1 October the president told the CDR: "Print and do good for the press". That same day, the Mossos charged after the demonstrators were about to reach the Parliament's door.

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