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Jacline Mouraud, an unofficial spokesman for the yellow jackets movement, became famous thanks to a viral attack on Facebook. – screenshots

  • On October 18, Jacline Mouraud, a resident of Morbihan, published a mug against Emmanuel Macron on Facebook.
  • His video has been viewed more than 5 million times and has been interviewed by various media.
  • If he presents information during his speeches, he also transmits many intonations, approximations and even a conspiracy theory.

France 5,
France 3 Brittany … For a few days, Jacline Mouraud, "spokesman" unofficial call to the
blocking November 17 against rising fuel prices, multiplies the appearances of the media.

Revealed to Internet users after a video rage published on his Facebook page on October 18 – and seen over 5.9 million times – the Morbihan, who defines himself as a parapsychologist, hypnotherapist and artist, boasts of expressing "anger" immense millions of Frenchmen ready to wield their yellow shirt as a protest.

"I made a list of what we've been through since you've been there, but we're full of boots, is that clear?" She says in the introduction, a list not always very rigorous, since during her many speeches, it also transmits approximations, approximations, a conspiracy theory, and even a hoax presented as true.


Among his numerous protest arguments, Jacline Mouraud attacks, in his most popular video, a new regulation on bicycles: "And today we have, I believe, the summit of the summit: the gray card on the bikes, because you do not know where to get the money, so we invent the gray card on the bikes! "

However, if several press articles evoked such gray paper in October, the Transport Minister, Elisabeth Borne,
has denied the wrong information circulating on this bill: "PlanVélo will gradually generalize the marking of bicycles (which already exists) if sold by a professional to combat theft: simple and effective device Obviously there will not be any" gray card " "and no documents to carry forward!"

The joke of giving up fuel with scooters

The transport minister is visibly in the crosshairs of Jacline Mouraud. On October 30, in a short video, he suggested "to offer Mr. Edouard Philippe a scooter to avoid [qu’il ne] spends 150,000 euros to make 300 kilometers "(in reference to an expensive movement in the Alps evoked by The chained duck).

On 2 November, during an intervention on the YouTube Live Saber Solo channel, the recurrence of Jacline Mouraud (36: 30): "When I go to work in Rennes, I will not take a scooter as Madam Borne said … It is incredible that we can think that we will put the French on a scooter, but what a magnificent evolution! "

Asked if the minister "thought seriously [à une telle idée] She replied: "Of course, he thought seriously!" He said: "Listen, it costs 50 euros, we can put everyone on a scooter" … No, but it's crazy! It's crazy! Before concluding the exchange saying: "It's not It was not at all humorous, it will include scooters in the Highway Code. "

In this way, Jacline Mouraud mixes real news (the desire to regulate, through a bill, the use of electric scooters – and electric only in big cities) and a parody quote by Elisabeth Borne has become viral on Twitter.

In fact, the hypnotherapist takes really fictitious words invented on 29 October from the "Journal de l'Elysée", a report that claims its nature "VERY parodic". On 29 October he published a screenshot of an interview with Elisabeth Borne at the microphone of Jean-Jacques Bourdin (actually dated April 2018), accompanied by a false quote: "Changing the mode of transport and giving up fuel is neither complicated or expensive, you have a selection of scooters accessible for fifty euros! It is necessary [F] come back to reality. "

An attack against a non-existent "tax tablet"

On October 31, in a short video posted on his Facebook page, Jacline Mouraud denounces a new tax: "Only a little bit of information like that, we will be entitled to tax on phones and tablets, so it's not enough. blind, eh, because now we all have credits to pay for them.Well, besides, we will have a small fee – finally a "tax" because they do not say "tax", it is not the same word but it is the same thing.

The idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe extension of the television tariff for smartphone and tablet users in 2020 was put forward by the Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen, in mid-September. Then taken up by Christophe Castaner (then Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament), who said: "On new media, like the tablet, you pay a tax upon purchase".

But Gerald Darmanin, Minister of Public Accounts, hastened to deny: "We will think of the evolution of royalty at the end of the five year period, once we have conducted the reform of public broadcasting, one thing is certain: there will be no new taxes. no tax increases, this tax remains in this hypothetical phase – and far from being current.

"We will be taxed one euro on all packages"

Jacline Mouraud likewise evokes another proposition as if it were already registered or about to be.

On November 5, during an interview with RMC, he says: " […] We will be taxed [d’un] euro on all the packages we will receive. All for what? "How much for him to be taken up by Jean-Jacques Bourdin:" No, but it is a proposal that will never pass, [du] Mayor The Republicans of Cannes, David Lisnard ".

The latter, who is also vice-president of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF), has indeed presented an amendment under the financial law on a fee of one euro for each parcel delivery (of an Internet purchase) ) that will be donated to the state and then to local authorities. All to lighten the loads of convenience stores.

If adopted – not guaranteed – the measure would not be applicable until 2020.

Chemtrails, a conspiracy theory

Finally, in his viral video of October 18, Jacline Mouraud reproaches "the pollution of aircraft, which you [Emmanuel Macron] never talk, of course … Of course, there are lobbies behind. "

A laconic criticism, however, echoes his post on Facebook May 27, 2017 – long before his sudden notoriety – in which he adopted a conspiracy theory: "Listen to Macron talk about the climate at the G7 while observing the chemtrails of the day .. . ".

A reference to so-called contrails of chemicals that would be voluntarily released into the air by airplanes working for government agencies. The reasons for this would be varied, according to the explanations in vogue among conspiracies, summarized by France 24: "climate control, deterioration of human health, chemical weapons test" …

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