Bugatti 35 Type D: the brand’s mythical Type 35, recreated by Uedelhoven Studios

I have no words! The current interpretation that the German design studio Uedelhoven Studios has made of the mythical Bugatti Type 35, christened the Bugatti 35 Type D, produces only one feeling: I want it, I need it! And if I have to add something a short word is enough for me, NOW.

Uedelhoven Studios is perhaps little known by the general public, but some of his works are, because he has made celebrated ‘concepts’ for various brands. From the 2016 Lamborghini Miura to the Hyundai Prophecy e 45 or the Audi AI: ME, through the Koenigsegg Gemera, Mercedes F125, BMW 2002 Homage Concept, Rolls Royce Vision Next 100, Concept VW T-Cross Breeze, Mercedes EQ or the Cupra Tavascan.

This 35 Type D is its own project, a current reinterpretation that maintains the key philosophical and style essences but with modern technologies, components and materials, rather than current advanced ones.

Immediately recognizable. Two-seater, roadster, narrow wheels – although not as much as the original – and with a good diameter and a front reduced to the typical Bugatti ‘horseshoe’ grill. And color ‘bleu france’ of course … although on the sides the bottoms are in black and also on the back: they are a concession to modernity, to the needs of an aerodynamic that relies the ‘downforce’ to the ground effect, it was not a question to resort to ailerons. It must be recognized that these elements – carbon fiber ‘skirt’ and diffuser – are harmoniously integrated, as are some carbon fiber front appendages.

The cabin is clearly vintage, with brown leather seats, the same that lines the internal door panels and the transmission tunnel. The gear knob is made of wood and the dashboard shows touches of carbon.

Of course, unspecified rear-drive front engine, current brakes and independent suspensions.

Although this project dates back to 2015 and was made for Bugatti, the brand never showed it and it is now that it has come to light.

True, Bugatti recently showed off its Bolide concept, inspired by the cars that currently compete at Le Mans, with a more sophisticated aerodynamic look. Its more tormented lines contrast with the serene elegance of this 35 Type D.

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