"Build an engine for the tow truck and follow it!" – Motorists have criticized the GAZ-24 project "Volga NBA" 800 "forces"


The result of 3 years of painstaking work aimed at finalizing the GAZ-24 has been demonstrated on the network. But something went wrong.

GAZ-24 "Volga" – a car attributed to the legends of Soviet times and arousing interest to the present day, but more in the framework of projects to restore "the original" or finalization in the "supercar".

One of these projects is the Volga NBA project for the construction of a powerful GAZ-24 for 800 "forces" with 2JZ and all-wheel drive, which has lasted for 3 years. Volga NBA belongs to the only Russian basketball player who plays in the NBA League, Timofey Mozgov. And now on the YouTube channel "Alan Enileev", finally, the first result was demonstrated. The result will determine the future fate of the Volga – whether to make the last "adjustments" and release the car on the track, or "something did not work".

"Volga" "arrived" on the tow truck at the service station, where he had to test and configure. However, after the car was lowered from the truck and started the engine, the car stopped almost every minute. "I hope we will be able to measure it, but, as you can see, there are not many possibilities", the blogger commented of the "attempt" to drive the GAZ-24 in the hangar up to the stand.

Externally, the GAZ-24 has changed relatively little, having received only a sports bumper with radiator and body kit. However, the interior of the car "gives" Maybah in it, and "inside" the Volga NBA is a Toyota. This "symbiosis" of Volga and Toyota has been reconfigured and refined more than once, "said the head of the tuning project, adding that it is the most interesting and complex project. At the same time, as soon as a tow truck approaches at the Volga NBA, a puddle of oil appears immediately under the car.

However, the Volga at the stand showed 600 "forces" and 670 Nm of "moment". C & # 39; s still something to fight for, but the intermediate result of 3 years of work is finally visible. A phase correction and some other minor nuances are still needed, the project manager observed, expressing the hope that the owner of the car will soon be able to go over it to drive on the track.

"A basketball player has cashed in, the car for three years is simply horrible", "A complete failure, three years and no results. 600 forces?! Horrible appearance", "Fathers of tuning: it is stuck, we are building for 3 years and moving only on a tow truck. Build an engine for the tow truck and follow it ", motorists have criticized the project.



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