Bukele keeps his promise and registers as a candidate for re-election despite the constitutional prohibition

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The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, He has fulfilled the promise he made on September 15, 2022 and has registered as a candidate for re-election in the elections on February 3 of next year, through the party he founded, Nuevas Ideas. This despite the fact seven articles of the Constitution of his country prohibit it since 1841.

In case of winning, it would be his second term in a row, although he would do so for a different political party, given that in the 2019 elections, he presented himself with the Gran Alianza para la Unidad Nacional (GANA) formation, from which he would have to disaffiliate in order to be registered in Nuevas Ideas.

This has been reported by Nuevas Ideas on its social networks, where it has informed the Salvadoran people that President Bukele and Vice President, Felix Ulloa, “They are already registered as pre-candidates for President and Vice President of the Republic of El Salvador, in the largest party in the history” of this Central American country. The president himself shared the tweet on his personal account in which he usually gives orders to his ministers.

Specifically, article 154 of the Magna Carta establishes the duration of the presidential term at five years “without the person who has held the Presidency being able to continue in their functions “not one more day”. Meanwhile, article 248 prohibits the constitutional reform that refers to the alternation in the exercise of the Presidency of the Republic. Likewise, article 75 penalizes those who promote continuous presidential re-election with the loss of citizen rights.

All these articles were cited in their day by the previous Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice when in 2014 it prohibited a candidate from running for re-election in the ten years after leaving the post of president.

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